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H1B stamping from Canada

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  • H1B stamping from Canada

    I have a question regarding stamping of H1 visa at US consulate in Toronto. My details are:

    I have a valid I 797 petition approved by BCIS valid till march 2006
    I also have a status as a landed immigrant in Canada.
    My current visa stamping has expired more than two years ago.

    I wish to know whether I can get my visa stamped in US consulate at Toronto.

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    I know that first time stamping can be done at any consulate outside the US. I would however like to know, what critical documents are required? Form #?


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      If you are a landed immigrant in Canada, then I beleive you can get your H1 stamped from Canada. I know few friends of mine who did that 6-7 months ago. But please do confirm the latest laws and regulations about it if you decide to do it.
      You will need to get an appointment for your visa through a website

      H1newbie, you should take whatever documents you can, especially proof of your employment, pay stubs, some information about your company, letter from employer certifying your employment. Ask you rhuman resource personnel, those guys should be able to give you required documents that show company's profile and stability for support of your case.
      Good Luck