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  • Lulac Interview

    I just had my lulac interview in NY. It was much better than my Life Act interview.

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    I just had my lulac interview in NY. It was much better than my Life Act interview.


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      To Rafi;
      I'm glad to hear your comment about your LULAC interview, it sound you are confidence about approval. I hope this time the USCIS is genuine about approval of class member.
      Rafi can you please tell us in more detail about your interview, you are the first person who post about the new settlement interview, Please tell us about how long the interview last, what question did they ask you, what kind of documents they ask from you, when you goanna hear from them, did they ask you civic exam questions and what is your feeling and thoughts.
      Good Luck


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        Rafi....thats a good news. I hope things will go well for you. Please let us know if you had your Lawyer with you? and if he was of any assistance to you. How long ago did you file your case under new settlement.
        Thanks and good luck to all.


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          I did not have any lawyer with me; I filed my lulac application myself.
          My interview was half an hour long. The officer was nice American Irish guy. He did not ask me submit any additional documents.
          He asked me when did I first came here, what kind if visa I had, where I had my immigration and how I came here, where did I first stay and how long, where I worked upto 1990 and all the places name and how long I warked each place.
          How was my room mates. Do I have my first passport or not.
          He did not ask any civic questions.
          At the end, he said he will review my case in 3/4 months and will let me know the decision then. He also added that he will consider and keep in his mind that lulac case is 25 years old and it is possible to remember every incedents and provide all the evidence.


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            To Rafi;
            you are a lulac class member, what kind of visa you came back with to the United States.


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              I posted this answer to somebody's question so I thought I share my interview experience here too.

              I filed my application in September 2004. I had my biometrics in October 2004. I got my EAD in January 2005. And I had my interview in the Indianapolis office in April 2005.

              I was interviewed by a very friendly CIS officer who spent some time in India. He told me how he enjoyed his assignment in Bombay and he was a big fan of Indian food. His favorite Indian dish was aloo mattar and he liked it with naan bread.

              The interview lasted 45 minutes. The officer had a copy of my I-687 application and all the supporting documents and he basically went over my application with me. He asked me all the questions that were in the application.

              The officer then checked everything on some electronic itemized checklist and said that my application was complete.

              I asked the officer what the next step was, and he said that I should get something in the mail in the coming months. He shook my hand and wished me well. I did the same.

              I really liked the officer. He asked me at one point in the interview whether I had left the US since 1982. I told him that I hadn't seen my aging parents even since I left for the US in 1982 and that I missed them very much. He told me to consider applying for an advance parole to visit them. He said that I was eligible to travel outside the US as a LULAC applicant.

              It's June now and I still haven't heard anything.

              I hope this experience would help somebody in the same boat as I am.

              All in all, I have to say that the CIS officer was very compassionate and sympathetic about my quest for legalization.



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                To All

                I filed for Life in 2001. Had interview in April 27, 2004. Interview went well and I submitted all the proofs. After interview officer told me that I will recv dicission in mail within month. Till today I have not heard from INS. When checking with my lawyer he said Dinesh you have to wait long.

                I seen many of you have filed for Life in 2001 and again for Lulac in 2004. My question to you all is.

                What is the difference between Life and Lulac.
                I thought Lulac come under life so I filed as life applicant in 2001. But technically My case is Lulac because - I first came to USA in August 1982 wiht B-1 B-2 visa. I went to India in 1987 and 1988 so missed the filing time. When President Clinton signed the Life law I met lawyer. As per him I can file under Life so I did it in 2001.

                As of today I have not heard from INS about my Life interview. Can I file again as a Lulac applicant.
                What are the requirements of filing - forms, fees etc.
                Do I have to submit proofs with application.
                Can I submit the same proof which I have submit in life interview. Is this proofs have to be originals or copy is acceptable.

                Also I have a 20 year old son who is in 2nd year of college. He came to USA without visa when he was only 5 years old. My worry is if INS take another year to give me decission on life interview then he will be age out.

                Any of you who knows anything about what I should do for my son to get him legal status before he age out. Can my son apply for a J-1 Student visa here in USA.

                Please help. God bless you all.


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                  To Dinesh
                  If you first came to the U.S in August 1982 you are not eligible for Life /CSS/ LULAC or the new Amnesty. To be eligible you must be here illegally before January 1982, so don't waste your time and money. The lawyer who filled your application is stupid lawyer and he is only money hungry, he should return your money and give you big apology. Again don't even dreams of getting your paper through lulac or amnesty.
                  Good Luck for you in other avenue to adjust you paper.


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                    Dear Peteram

                    Thank you very much.

                    Sorry the year 1982 is a typo the correct year is 1981 NOT 1982.

                    In 2001 I filed I - 485 under life.
                    Had interview in April 2004 but till today no reply from INS.

                    Can I file under Lulac again.

                    If you know any lawyer please let me know.

                    Best regards


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                      Hello Rafi, Indybala, Peteram

                      It seems that many of you have filed I - 485 under Life in 2001 and again under Lulac in 2004.

                      Could you please advise how to file for lulac.
                      The form no., Fees and what proofs to be submitted with application etc.

                      Thank you to all of you.