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  • #16 may be a good site for those who want to come here! But information how to leave without getting problems is nowhere to be found!

    Thanks for the nice words but I gave up a long time ago! I'm 21 years old and already lost one year and six months of my life!

    So please, all I need is the information on how to leave the states properly! I made up my mind! Yes it's hard to see the time and money go down the drain but the longer we wait the harder it will get!

    I thank you all so much AGAIN for trying to help me and letting me know things I've never heard of, but all I need to know is what I have to do to go! But I promise I'll keep the other information in mind, maybe we want to come back in 20 years!


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      Hey Punky,
      I understand your feeling and everyhting,and if you're from germany and your american husband lived in germany, i totally understand how the lifestyle and everyhting is different there and maybe better in more ways.
      I also lived in germany so I know the difference as well

      But you should remember one thing,even if you have a green card and you and your husband return to germany and wanna stay there for like a loong time.
      You will lose your green card,even if its for 10 years.
      If you are a green card holder but do not reside in the United States for more than 1-2 years and are not living in the US and not paying Tax for more than 2 years.You will lose it.Check the law...


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        Thank you HBKHBK Just after I wrote my last post I tried to find some more information and found what you just told me so our whole plan just went out the window! It would have been nice to know one year ago so we wouldn't have had to go trough all this!

        Oh, and I don't want to step on anyone toes, yes, I like Germany much better and so does my husband, but I'm sure the states can be great to, just not for us and our situation and what we want to do!

        But still my question is open! What do I do and what do I need to leave here without any trouble????


        • #19
          Do you know when you are going to leave?

          I would make an appointment with USCIS the day before the scheduled departure, asked them about the case and delay(out of curiosity), and then hand them a letter stating that I am withdrawing my petion for permanent residency because I am moving out of the US on date XX (+ name, A number, forms and dates when filed...) I would have a copy of the letter and ask IO to confirm on the copy that they received it.

          Since you are not counting on current petition to be able to return, you don't need any official document to leave (like AP)...

          Good luck


          • #20
            yes, make sure you leave properly...
            don't just leave this will make it alot more difficult for the future in case you and your husband wanna come back to the U.S. U know?!

            But knowing you are from germany and knowing how things are there you'll be happier there,than here.Believe me.

            For once,germany has the most secured and best health care system in the world.
            And You have in germany mendated by the law,each year 30 days vacation.Which tells you alot about the german society and how that country truly became a poor democracy...

            Viel Glueck und hoffe alles klappt gut fuer euch.Woher aus aus deutschland bist du und wo was dein mann stationiert?


            • #21
              Vielen Dank HBKHBK! I tried writing you a privat message but it doesn't work! I am from east germany, but lived the last 3.5 years in Nuremberg! Thats where we want to go again! My husband was stationed in Vilseck which is about one hour from Nuremberg!

              Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut! Wie lange warst du inDeutschland?


              • #22
                i am not sure why the private message thing doesn't work...
                Ich bin in deutschland geboren.Deshalb denke ich mal das mein deutsch sehr gut ist haha...Ich lebe in den usa seit ueber 8 jahren.
                Ich habe in der neahe von Stuttgart gewohnt.

                darf ich fragen wie alt du bist? und was ist wirklich der grund das ihr zurueck nach deutschland wollt? hast du heim weh?


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