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Can my wife apply with me?

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  • Can my wife apply with me?

    Hi, here is the background on my case:

    My USC sister submitted an I-130 for me back in 1999. Within the past few months I was notified to submit the visa processing fee which I sent.
    I now realize that I qualify to adjust status using the I-485, due to my original filing date under the LIFE act I-245. I will be wrting the NVC a letter which states I will be adjusting status under the I-485 (and lose my money since the fees are non-refundable).

    My priority date is now current and I have since married and need to know the following:

    1) Can I include a I-485 for my wife, along with my application for I-485 (& EAD)??

    2) if not, at what point can I include her in my application so that we can both receive our green cards at the same time?

    Any insight you can provide would be much appreciated.

    Thank you kindly

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    This link provides information on who can be sponsored for a green card. For US citizen, it only states brother/sister in that category, so not sure if spouse and/or children would be eligible. Maybe someone else here can help you. Good luck!


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      YOu have to refile if you have got married since the first I485 or I130 was filed.