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57 % of Americans Support War with Iran

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  • 57 % of Americans Support War with Iran

    WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ?? 10-25 Nuclear bombs dropped on Iran and a troop of Boy Scouts would do the job !!! Let's Go kick some terrorist b u t t !

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    WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR ?? 10-25 Nuclear bombs dropped on Iran and a troop of Boy Scouts would do the job !!! Let's Go kick some terrorist b u t t !


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      Michael I think you for got what happened during the time of carter?
      What is happening in Iraq,
      You are one of those 89% brainless.
      The Forces are to protect borders, and not for the political gains/blackmailing the countries, it will never work.
      You are one of the vet who lost the war.


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        I am not among that 57%. I didn't support the war at the onset, nor do I support it now. I certainly don't feel safer and last I heard Osama hasn't been found neither dead or alive.


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          2 Week Plan

          Day 1 - Initial attack:

          31 small nukes on the provincial capitals and 2 moderate sized nukes on the two largest cities, Tehran and Mashad. 10 tactical nuclear weapons against their largest troop concentrations.

          Day 2 and 3:
          Assessment and possibility of further nuclear strikes considered. Allow smoke to clear and radiation fallout to complete.

          Days 4-7:
          3 day air campaign against telecommunications and remaining large troop formations. 150 bombers from carriers and land based fields destroy any significant government military units.

          Day 7:
          INVASION ! 75,000 from Iraq, 75,000 from Afghanistan, 5,000 Special Forces dropped in advance to faciliatate maneuvers

          Day 9:

          All Oil fields captured and proclaimed to be property of the American peoples.

          Day 11:
          Pronouncement to remaining Iranian peoples: Surrender, renounce Islam and cooperate with Americans or die

          Day 12: Any Iranian refusing to comply with Supreme Order of Day 11 is executed

          Day 13: All prisoners or war released or executed if they pose any risk

          Day 14: Peace declared


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            Mickael for President!


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              I am not saying we won't get our hair m u f f ed; 10-20 million dead at most


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                why don't you join the militaries and go to Irak Mr. Big shot??


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                  And then who would be fighting you fraudsters !?


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                    isn't it the INS job to "fight" us?
                    Obviously they are not capable to do their job right but I'm pretty sure they didn't send you a letter asking for you help!


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                      I fail to understand how any intelligent person won't support any and all efforts to eradicate terrorism.
                      The war in Iraq, while costly, was a necessity. A country with vast oil reserves and economic power couldn't be left in the hands of a delusional criminal such as Saddam Hussein.


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                        So I guess North Korea and Iran is next then? How about China? And unlike the total lies being spread about Iraq's WMD, China and North Korea has real nukes.

                        There's no bigger hypocricy than the US preventing other countries from pursuing nuclear technology, when thousands of pershing & peacekeepers II are stored in underground bunkers in Europe and USA.

                        Capture Bin Laden first then we can talk about other objectives. He's by all means, the much bigger threat to USA than Saddam was/will ever be.