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i-140 denied and MTR pending

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  • i-140 denied and MTR pending

    You input is appreciated, I am on j1 expire 11 /2010 with 212e , i-140 EB2 filed 10/2009. Got ability to Pay RFE 1/2010 on 140 and attorney responded with evidence tax return in time. After 2 months 140 was denied due to RESPONSE NOT RECEIVED. Motion to reopen filed and pending since 3/2010.

    can you please advise here, Do you think I have a chance in this scenarios, with a j1 expires date 11/2010 and 2HRR (need NOL wavier)

    Option 1 , I am trying to Get no objection letter from my country for j1 by may/2010 , then getting recommendation from DOS for a wavier based on NOL at July 2010, apply on part time H1B cap. Within (august 2010-October 2010) to have status while waiting for MTR,I-140 and later i-485.
    What if the cap reached by October 2010, should I look for non cap sponsor like university.

    Option 2 not filing H1B in case of getting A positive respond from MTR (do you know when it may happen) and hopefully waiver granted as mentioned by October then I have 1 month so I can file i-485 . but in this option what will be my status if i-485 denied should I will be out of status as my j1 expiries 11/2010.

    Do you know other options
    Your advice is much appreciated

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    didn't you promise our embassy officials that you would be returning to your country after your J1 activity was completed?? Was that a LIE? Why can't people do what the phuque they say?


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      yeah, I can think of an option. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE and let us live in peace.