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  • Please Help Me I 751

    To Whom ever can help with out judgement I would welcome. My husband and I have been married for over 8 years now. In the begining of our marriage we had some problems. In the 3rd year (or vey close to it....months shy of it) we had a big figh and he left the home (for only a few days). But while that fight took place someone had come back to me and stated he was having an affiar. I had been on much medication for my illness as well as 80 millgrams of steroids and grew very angry when I heard this. In my anger I jumped to write a very damaging letter against him and withdrawing my name form his I 751 form stating marriage fraud. He was home just a few days later and we have never been speerated since. I have kept the secret and never told him what I had done for fear of losing him. The secret came out when we went to file for citizenship. He has a removal hearing in just weeks. This letter nearly destoryed our marriage and he has understood where my anger came from...after much fighting he has forgven me. We filed a new I 751 form over 2 years ago. My questions is why is it taking over 2 years for the NEW I 751 form...and can my husband be deported for this. How OH God can I take back the evil I have done................please someone help us.

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    hmmmm,sorry to hear this,,,but u made the biggest mistake ever,,,by writing them a letter telling them that he marry u for green card,,and u wonder why u havn't heared back from them,,bcoz ur case is at the fraud unit by now,,and sorry to tell u this ,,but this is not a tom and jerry setuation to write them and then say i dindt mean it,,they dont understand this,,,and iam sure hes status was terminated the day they recieved ur letter,,and if he get's caught he well be in trouble,,and i dont c how ur second letter well help him out,,in fact u may get ur self in trouble by lying to the federal goverment ,,u cann't claim something and then u say ,,os sorry,,i dindt mean personal openion is that u have a serious setuation in here,,and its either he gets deported or u get in trouble by telling them lies..but i might be wrong ,,and u need an expert immigration lawyer to help u with this,,,if u dont wanna get in trouble and if u dont want him to get in trouble,what a mess,,and u filed a new i-751 ?joint potetion?how if u sent them a letter withdrawing the first one and accusing him of been fraud,,u need a good immigration attorney


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      You are very confused and you have come to the right place. I am undoubtedlty the world's leading authority on marriage fraud. Let me tell you something. You did nothing wrong. Say that 1000 times out loud. This man not only has committed marriage fraud, he is continuing to do so and will not stop until he becomes a citizen. Then he will dump you. 100 % Guaranteed. He ONLY came back to you after his lawyer told him to. I swear. I know this as a fact. And so should you.

      You obviously have psychological and insecurity issues and that is why you cling to him and are afraid of "losing" him. Let me clue you in; you can never lose a true love.

      You should pray to God that he gets deported and out of your life. Get rid of him NOW. Do not listen to others on this board who have often committed marriage fraud themselves. He probably won't get deported regardless. So divorce him and see how long he sticks around after you no longer serve a purpose.


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        shut the **** up u stupid retarted little donkey,,she even said that she made a mistake?ilovenewyork,,,dont listen to this idiot,,everybody know's hes story,,hes ex dumped him bcoz hes a g a y and she marry hes friend,,,dont listen to him,,if u think that u made a mistake and u abused him,,dont distroy him,,which i think u did allready,,but u never know,,get an expert immigration attorney and he may be able to help u out,,,no one can give u an answer for this matter,,bcoz its really a complecated thing to deal with,,specially the fact that u reported him