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  • Lawsuit filed against Obama

    While we all wait for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama to decide when he will tell his followers (and the Nation) what poor wretch will be forced to accompany him on the road to political embarrassment and oblivion in November, we are inclined to report on what has been going on regarding his most recent controversy: his forged birth certificate and his illegibility as a ˜natural born citizen'. Below is the official press release from Mr. Philip J. Berg, Esq, a man who has just recently filed a lawsuit (injunction) against Barack Obama, the DNC and the FEC:

    Suit filed 08/21/08, No. 08-cv-4083

    Contact information at the end of this press release. Documents filed with the court and a copy of this press release can be downloaded at the end of this press release.

    (Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 08/21/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, [Berg is a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania; former candidate for Governor and U.S. Senate in Democratic Primaries; former Chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County; former member of Democratic State Committee; an attorney with offices in Montgomery County, PA and an active practice in Philadelphia, PA, filed a lawsuit in Federal Court today, Berg vs. Obama, Civil Action No. 08-cv-4083, seeking a Declaratory Judgment and an Injunction that Obama does not meet the qualifications to be President of the United States. Berg filed this suit for the best interests of the Democratic Party and the citizens of the United States.

    Philip J. Berg, Esquire stated in his lawsuit that Senator Obama:

    1. Is not a naturalized citizen; and/or

    2. Lost his citizenship when he was adopted in Indonesia; and/or

    3. Has dual loyalties because of his citizenship with Kenya and Indonesia.

    Berg stated:

    I filed this action at this time to avoid the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.

    There have been numerous questions raised about Obama's background with no satisfactory answers. The questions that I have addressed include, but are not limited to:

    1. Where was Obama born? Hawaii; an island off of Hawaii; Kenya; Canada; or ?

    2. Was he a citizen of Kenya, Indonesia and/or Canada?

    3. What was the early childhood of Obama in Hawaii; in Kenya; in Indonesia when he was adopted; and later, back to Hawaii?

    4. An explanation as to the various names utilized by Obama that include: Barack Hussein Obama; Barry Soetoro; Barry Obama; Barack Dunham; and Barry Dunham.

    5. Illinois Bar Application – Obama fails to acknowledge use of names other than Barack Hussein Obama, a blatant lie.

    If Obama can prove U.S. citizenship, we still have the issue of muti-citizenship with responsibilities owed to and allegance to other countries.

    Berg continued:

    "Eighteen million Democratic Primary voters donated money, volunteered their time and energy, worked very hard and then not only supported Senator Clinton, but voted for her and often recruited other supporters as well. All the efforts of supporters of legitimate citizens were for nothing because this man lied and cheated his way into a fraudulent candidacy and cheated legitimately eligible natural born citizens from competing in a fair process and the supporters of their citizen choice for the nomination.

    Voters donated money, goods and services to elect a nominee and were defrauded by Senator Obama's lies and obfuscations. He clearly shows a conscience of guilt by his actions in using the forged birth certificate and the lies he's told to cover his loss of citizenship. We believe he does know, supported this belief by his actions in hiding his secret, in that he failed to regain his citizenship and used documents to further his position as a natural born citizen. We would also show he proclaims himself a Constitutional scholar and lecturer, but did not learn he had no eligibility to become President except by means of lying, obfuscations and deceptions. His very acts proves he knew he was no longer a natural born citizen. We believe he knew he was defrauding the country or else why use the forged birth certificate of his half sister?

    Americans lost money, goods and services donated in their support of a candidate who supposedly was a natural born citizen simply because the DNC officers and party leaders looked the other way and did not demand credentials to answer the questions and prove whether or not Senator Obama was a legitimately natural born citizen, even in light of recent information that has surfaced on websites on the Internet suggesting Senator Obama may not be eligible to become President and questioning his status of multiple citizenships and questionable loyalties! If the DNC officers and.or leaders had performed one ounce of due diligence we would not find ourselves in this emergency predicament, one week away from making a person the nominee who has lost their citizenship as a child and failed to even perform the basic steps of regaining citizenship through an oath of allegiance at age eighteen [18] as prescribed by Constitutional laws!

    The injunctive relief must be granted because failing to do so, this inaction defrauds everyone who voted in the Democratic Primary for a nominee that is a fair representation of the voters. Failure to grant injunctive relief would allow a corrupted, fraudulent nomination process to continue. It not only allows, but promotes an overwhelming degree of disrespect and creates such a lack of confidence in voters of the primary process itself, so that it would cement a prevailing belief that no potential candidate has to obey the laws of this country, respect our election process, follow the Constitution, or even suffer any consequence for lying and defrauding voters to get onto the ballot when they have no chance of serving if they fraudulently manage to get elected! It is unfair to the country for candidates of either party to become the nominee when there is any question of their ability to serve if elected.

    All judges are lawyers and held to a higher standard of practice than a regular lawyer. It is this Judicial standard that demands injunctive relief prayed for here. This relief is predicated upon one of the most basic premises of practicing law which states no lawyer can allow themselves to be used in furthering a criminal enterprise. And by that gauge alone, failing to give injunctive relief to the 18 million supporters of the other candidate, a true natural born citizen eligible to serve if elected, this court must not allow itself to be used to further the criminal and fraudulent acts to continue and be rewarded by becoming the Democratic Nominee. Failure to give the injunctive relief prayed for will insure that a corrupted Presidential election process will only guarantee a show of unfair preference of one group of people over another group by not demanding the same rules be applied to all groups equally and fairly, especially in light of the fact that both candidates are each considered a minority."

    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
    Cell (610) 662-3005
    (610) 825-3134
    (800) 993-PHIL [7445]
    Fax (610) 834-7659

    Finally, somebody is taking the initial step to legitimately put into question the legality of Obama's candidacy. Even if the courts eventually feel a bit queasy about placing an injunction against Obama and the Democratic Party in this contested political environment, there is not doubt that Mr. Berg has the legal 'standing' to present the claim.

    Although there is a possibility that this entire controversy will end up without any "legs", either because the judges may become fearful of the "racist" label, or because in actuality Obama does meet the qualifications to run, the mere fact that he is being challenged in this manner should worry the Democratic Party and their allies. Who would run in Obama's stead in the unlikely case that he is disqualified? Probably his VP pick, who would suddenly become the standard bearer of the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the United States.

    In other news, TheCityEdition has developed an interesting theory regarding the sudden death of many Democrats who have been pushing for Hillary Clinton's name to be placed into the nomination roll call at the Democratic Convention. Here is an excerpt:

    On the day before the Democratic National Committee announced it would hold a roll-call vote in Denver - with candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton's name on the ballot - the head of the Arkansas delegation was shot and killed at his party headquarters.

    Timothy Dale Johnson entered the office of Bill Gwatney around noontime on August 13th, firing a revolver three times, then drove away in his blue pick-up truck. After stopping briefly at the headquarters of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention a few blocks away, Johnson led state troopers on a 30-mile chase and was brought down in a shootout. He died later at a hospital.

    While investigators are still searching for a motive in the murder, the timing is suspicious. Also, the location. The tragedy took place in the heart of Clinton country, where the former President presided as governor for 12 years. (The capitol in Little Rock is two blocks from the crime scene.) On February 5th, his wife won big in the primary – 70 percent to Sen. Barack Obama's 26 percent. The phenomenal 44-point margin surpassed even her 41-point West Virginia rout on May 5th. In addition to the pledged delegate haul, nearly all the state's superdelegates endorsed the senator from New York.

    One of the organizers of a petition to place Clinton's name in nomination has said that on the day before he was killed, Gwatney agreed to back the effort, the only state delegation head to do so. Other Arkansas delegates had also indicated they were ready to support Clinton. As one of the first states called in a roll-call vote, Arkansas could conceivably start a bandwagon effect, a prospect that must certainly have crossed some minds, not only in the Obama campaign but within the Republican Party. It appears both groups have worked in concert to make sure Clinton's name doesn't appear anywhere on the November ballot.

    Whether this high-stakes electioneering has anything to do with the execution-style death of Bill Gwatney is an open question. The former state senator served as the finance chief for Mike Beebe's successful run for governor in 2006, before taking over as state chair in 2007. Chuck Bartels of the Associated Press reported last week that Gwatney has been credited with "bringing the party together and giving it energy not seen since Bill Clinton left the governor's mansion for the White House in 1992."

    According to another AP story, "At the time of his death, the party was in the midst of expanding its reach into even solidly conservative portions of the state. In an Aug. 5 e-mail newsletter, Gwatney wrote that the party planned to add headquarters in Sebastian, Pope, Washington and Benton counties." A new headquarters in White County, where Johnson resided, was scheduled to open on August 14th.

    The petition organizer, who communicated on condition of anonymity, said in an email, "We got almost the entire [Arkansas] delegation to say they would sign the petition. We had sent out the petitions to everyone, but since his death they got so distracted that we have not received all of them back. I can tell you that all the other state party chairs in the states are fully run by Obama, and they would not even return our phone calls and were against anything to do with our petition."

    In spite of these suspect circumstances, New York Times writer Shaila Dewan wrapped up her two-day inquiry into the murder on August 15th, concluding, "The killing had no apparent link to politics." And Dewan was one of only a handful of national journalists who bothered to fly into Little Rock at all to investigate.


    Of course, this does NOT mean that we are now facing a new era of "political assassinations" and repression, since this sort of thing has been happening for decades and most people have never cared enough to find out why. What it does mean is that there is a large wave of scrutiny funneling towards Mr. Obama's corrupt lackeys.

    When it comes down to the "down and dirty" aspects of this season's political contest, Obama has been the only candidate who has been able to slip through the Media's filter, while simultaneously receiving the most attention from all sources (both negative and positive). Within a few more weeks, we might be able to finally topple this straw messiah and eventually rid our Nation of this horrendously pathetic episode in our history.
    If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

    Democrats - Brave enough to KILL our unborn, just NOT our ENEMIES!

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    HOLY COW !!! I just found out that Obama is black !!! Did anyone else know this? Why has the media covered this up ??? How can they trick us like this? I knew he was a moslem, I didn't know he was black also ! This is an outrage !!


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      LOL!!!! You M F!!! Don't You Ever Leave!!!! LOL!!!!
      Such a CO C K B I T E!!!! LOLLOL!!!! LMAO!!!!! Foolin So Many!!!!!
      USC and Legal, Honest Immigrant Alike Must Fight Against Those That Deceive and Disrupt A Place Of Desirability! All Are Victims of Fraud, Both USC and Honest Immigrant Alike! The bad can and does make it more difficult for the good! Be careful who y


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        Originally posted by SonofMichael:
        HOLY COW !!! I just found out that Obama is black !!! Did anyone else know this? Why has the media covered this up ??? How can they trick us like this? I knew he was a moslem, I didn't know he was black also ! This is an outrage !!
        That lying Dem disguised himself with White make up. He must have used BEHR to color him up. Finally, the color has worn out and true colors are displayed. The show has just begun.
        If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

        Democrats - Brave enough to KILL our unborn, just NOT our ENEMIES!


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          Lets just assume: if he were to have been born not on US-territory (which is not true), he was born to a US-Cititzen, and that would automatically make him a US-citizen and entitled.

          I cannot believe someone claiming to be an attorney to be that much of a stupid. That attorney is most likely going to end up on the wellfare roles. Ha, ha, ha!

          For people like that, demeaning words just don't seem to be strong enough.
          “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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            You know, before one starts on the bandwagon of Mr. Philip J. Berg, Esquire, one needs to look at his history of lawsuits. This guy reminds me of another individual whose name shall reamain anonymous.

            Lawsuit on breach of contract dismissed. Reading the order, it was clear that the plaintiffs, including Mr. Berg, failed to proved any breach of contract against the defendents and hereby stricken from the complaints. But there is more.

            Does anyone remember Rodriguez vs Bush? For those who do not know, it was the lawsuit that alleged Bush and his administration was complicit with the 9/11 attackers. This website shows just how ludicrous the assertions by Mr. Berg and company. But wait, there is more. This site provides a real eye opener to Mr. Berg and company.

            Thus, this lawsuit will end up the same as the other two, dismissed for lack of jurisdiction or substantiation.
            "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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              Once you go Barack, there ain't no coming back !!


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                MCShame was questioned too about his citizenship
                He was borned in Panama.