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A green-apple asking for Marie's favor

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  • A green-apple asking for Marie's favor

    Warmest greetings to you and your family!

    I'm one of those folk who only knew tinny winny thing about immigration to America. I find this Site a great gift to those peeps whose options and knowledge is somewhat limited. Of course, all these is not possible without heaven-sent Gurus like You...Miki, Marksap, Arqu,Bugsy and others who answer postings with such down-to-earth truthfulness that surely has sent many immigration lawyers packing to other specializations.

    Actually, I have a battery of questions arising from differing immigration topics to ask you regarding my situation that I believe might not fit to a single posting. And also due to my very limited capacity to go online, in which most of the time I'm only able to send and receive emails. So, is it OK if I send you my queries via email?
    Please, send me your address( even just a generic one) at

    Also to others who would not mind receiving questions via email....Please...It will be greatly appreciated...

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    Eric, thank you for your kind words Please post your question(s) here. I will reply to what I can both here to share with othersm and to your email.


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      Eric is an INS agent.


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        What makes you say that guest?

        Eric you can post things here too. It doesn't matter if they don't all relate to the same thing.


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          Nope.. I'm nn INS..

          Thanks Marksap and Marie..

          I'll try posting soon...

          More power to you!