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GOP’s Mishandling of Immigration Could Hurt Party in November

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    Originally posted by davdah:
    What you have is pure motive driven hatred for an elected officer who is upholding an unpopular, within certain fringe elements, group of laws. Nothing more.
    And therein lies a giant difference between Hitler worshiper, such as davdah, and Obama supporters.

    According to davdah, Hitler was merely doing his job when sending innocent people to Auschwitz.
    Of course, I disagree.


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      If being on the side of law and order separates the two, I'll stay on the side of the constitution where people are innocent until proven guilty and aren't crucified because it counters political or personal agenda. So, you're a liar. No rap sheet, not a criminal. End of discussion.
      This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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        But this is a misnomer, davdah.
        I didn't claim that Arpaio has a rap sheet to begin with.
        It must be obvious that if he had one he would be ineligible to be elected to or hold the office he currently occupies.
        What I said in the context of this thread was that he is illegally jailing and abusing people merely because of their appearance ( jailing someone and telling them a lie, like they have ICE hold while the person has proof of birth in USA and subsequently freed by ICE after being turned over for no grounds of detention ).
        You can not justify such acts on the grounds that others who he treated the same way turned out to be illegal Mexicans.
        It is simply unlawful under the US law to do this sort of thing in ANY place within US.
        Within 70 miles of Mexican border you CAN , by law (ruled so by SCOTUS), profile and QUESTION the legal status of someone who dresses and speaks foreign, but Phoenix is 153 Miles away from border and he jails US Born Citizens AFTER they produce documented proof of birth in this country.
        You just can not do this sort of things. I mean you can, but it is illegal to do.

        Now, WITHIN THE CONTEXT of this thread, I noticed two things in this regard:

        That Obama does NOT support such illegal actions by Joe Arpaio and is doing what he can, within the limits of his power, to prevent Arpaio from doing even more damage (by means of sending DOJ, Feds and others in Phoenix
        and grilling rear end of Joe).
        All the while some vocal opponents of Obama do not shy away from loudly applauding actions of Joe and promise to give him a cart blanch once Obama is removed from the office.

        Thus, the difference between two (Obama and his opponents) is clear as day and night and one must be a very stupid idiot not to see it for what it is.

        THIS is what I said/stated/posted all along and THIS is what I maintain now as I did from the start and you can't call me a liar for consistently holding to my point of view and rejecting yours.
        I even offered to post links to specific cases where courts ruled against his office and ordered him to pay restitution, or I could post numerous open testimonies of his victims whom he mistreated for no apparent legal reason.

        You ,on the other hand, quite seriously implied that Earth is spherical body IF observer stood on the Moon (meaning it's something else IF observer doesn't stand on the Moon) and then repeatedly shuffled your deck of cards and tried to shoehorn most ridiculous claims by a trick of the hand.
        This is very unscrupulous and , unfortunately, typical of you way of trying to fool your opponents and readers , but rest assured I am not the one to be fooled.

        So, who is the liar now? (Note: this is rhetorical question)


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