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STOP & READ THAT: 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution-Baby born in USA

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    Nav, I commend you there are other ways to come in, legally of course. There are some agencies that might be able to help you try the uscis website. ( good luck and don't give up. Please do it the right way!


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      I forgot to say this, please don't take this the wrong way I see that your english is quite broken If you need any help researching your problem I'll be glad to help. You can email me, (all of these are under my user name) @,, or IM with either.


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        mikemeziu, listen hear you little lying dip s h i t. Pack up your *****y little trailer-park a s s and f u c k off back to mexico or whichever backward hole you crawled out of. What you illegal t u r d s fail to realize is that the vast majority of american want immigrants to come to this great country but to do it LEGALLY. I'm immigrant who became a citizen but I took the long hard legal road to get it.

        Lastly, it is obvious that you and your b i t c h woman cooked up the plan of getting her knocked up and then heading to the US but of course you are too stupid or too lazy to do your homework properly on immigration law


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          Right on paddy!!


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            It was a foolish idea to come to the US in order to immigrate through your child. I have three us citizen children with a us citizen father whom i wasnt legally married to and having them helped me in no way at all. When I married my husband that was when it all changed for me. And the government help you think youll get isnt that much at all. I didnt get medicaid for mine at all. Also your chils needs to liv in the US for 5 years after the age of 14 in order to sponser you so thats the end of that. I cam understand the desperation of people that want to live in the US at any means but you should be a better parent than to bring your child into a situation where you cant even support him/her.
            Shame on you,.


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              the only legal way for you to stay here for at least 6 years is to get a work visa. (not easy to do, your musthave a bachelors/advanced degrees particularly in the technical/engineering field.
              If I were you, if work visa is not attainable right now, have the baby born here, get his/her an american passport and move back to your country. He won't grow up American, but he can come here when he is older to go to high school or college. He can get scholarships and he can work freely as an american citizen. Maybe you can enroll him in an American/International school in your country so he can acquire an American accent then it will be easy for him to transition to life in America as a high school/ college student.He still won't be able to sponsor you until he's 21. While we are on the subject of American born kids with foreign parents or accents, here are some famous people:
              Bruce Lee- born in San Francisco to Chinese Opera singer, moved back to Hongkong when he was 1 year old, moved back tothe States to go to high school, then college, then became famous martial arts actor and became a legend.
              Nicole Kidman- born in Honolulu, Hawaii while Australian Parents were working legally) moved back to Australia, then became an actress, married Tom Cruise and then....
              Mel Gibson- born in New York to American parents, moved to Australia with parents and siblings when he was 12.

              Any way, good luck.. Hope you do the right thing.


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                Desperately Seeking, there is a better chance of that fat liberal b a s t a r d Michael Moore shoving his load up George's a s s than these low lifes doing the right thing. Even though I hate the fact that there are millions of UNDESERVING ILLEGALS streaming across the mexican border every year, I have more respect for them as human beings than I do for MikeMesiu who is f u c k i n g around with a child's life for his own personal gain.


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