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css/ lulac interview.

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  • css/ lulac interview.

    my advice for those who are preparing for the interviews on css/lulac, please seek a good immigration attorney to prepare you and also read the court settlement carefully. if possible, make a copy of the court settlement and take with you during the interview. An attorney may charge you consultation fee but the advice might help you.

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    thank you for your advice and we appreciate it. however the MAIN REASON why we have this discussion website is to help others with our previous and current experience through US immigration. sharing our experience with one another would help us answer some of our questions and concerns. if you are suggesting to get a lawyer to our fellow members with regards to their queries, interview, application etc. then we shouldn't have this web discussion anymore.

    does that make any sense?

    have a wonderful day!


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      L.A. BOY,

      first, you need to watch your language you use. you need to visit all my previous contribution on this site and know that i have some experience with CSS/LULAC interview process. I have been to the interview myself but you have not. I cannot contribute to the subject I do not have any knowledge just for your information. Please stop contributing onbehalf of others by using "WE" a lot. I'm just suggesting my experience which might help someone therefore if it does not help you just ignore it.


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        what do you mean watch my language? can't you read english? did I say something harsh/curse against you? i dont need to visit your previous contribution at my expense. i know that you have a lot of experience with the CSS/LULAC case thats why instead of referring us to a lawyer why dont you post your previous experience instead of you giving us an option to seek for legal advice. thats the main reason why there is this website, to share opinions and experience through diff immigration process and not posting comments to seek legal advice. if thats the case then all of us here wont be asking questions instead ask legal advice to a lawyer. duh!!!

        you have been to the interview yourself, why dont you share what you've been to instead of posting other comments.

        and why the hell do you want me to stop contributing for others as "WE"? your not my boss nor my parent nor you are not an INS officer that I need to follow so your the one whos supposed to stop pinpointing someone. besides, do you know anything about pronoun, noun, adjective and adverbs. you better re-read what i wrote. *sigh*

        also, you arent suggesting your experience which might help us, you are suggesting us to get legal advice. dont you know what you write dude!

        you can write in english but you dont know what you're writing.

        well, goodluck to all of us!

        as class999 says, lets just seek a legal advice to a reputable lawyer. "LAME"!


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          L.A. Boy: I totally agree with class999, you need a lawyer who understands the court settlement and can advice you accordingly. It is worth the extra money so you don't get yourself in worse trouble than you already are in. I think you misunderstood where he was coming from, it is a worthy argument and one I would heed especially from one who has been there and done that. It is not as easy as it may appear to you and getting someone's feedback no matter how well meaning will not paralled a good attorney. You might not even get the same questions but having an attorney look at the evidence you have will benefit you in the long run. Good luck.


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            I've just been scheduled for my 3rd css/lulac interview. My first was June 05, the second was Aug 05. When I got to the second interview they sent me home, because I had already been seen in June 05. My 3rd interview is set for Oct 06. Lucky me?

            I really don't know what to expect this time. I don't think this is a mistake. But, why would they want to see me again? Unlike other applicants I had a mountain of poof. Maybe too much?


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              in which State/City do you have your interivew in for the third time.