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Need HELP with I-130 Petetion for Parents!!

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  • Need HELP with I-130 Petetion for Parents!!

    I filed for immigration for my parents back in October, 2001 at the Texas Service Center. I had filed out an I130 form. The process has taken too long and now my paperwork is with Missouri Service Center.
    My problem has been that I have moved twice since then and everytime I have notified them about it but I get no reply from them regarding acknoledgment or about my case.
    I have called the 1-800 number but they take down my change in address and then send me a letter saying that I need ot get in touch with the Missouri Service Center whom I can't contact.
    Has somebody else gone through this?? PLZ ADVISE.
    Also should I consult a lawyer and if so how much am I looking at?

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    Hi Ashesh,

    I would go to and post your questions there. You will get more answers to your question.

    Good Luck,



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      1. Are you a U.S. citizen?

      2. Did you get any notice from the Service Center (such as Notice of Receipt with the processing time on it?)

      If you have a case number, go to this site's home page, go to the RIGHT SIDE with the tiny print click on case status. There you will be able to input your case number and it will tell you who much longer you have to wait.


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        MSC is working IR petitions from November 01, 2001. Make sure your receipt date (usually a bit after you actually filed) is prior to MSC's processing date. Then... contact your Congressman. Send a written description of your problem, a privacy release, copies of your INS/USCIS receipt/transfer notices, and since you moved, an AR-11. Your case is probably right on schedule.