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It is posible to know the expedition date?

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  • It is posible to know the expedition date?

    It is posible to know the expedition date of an alien card if you got only the alien # ?

    How can i do this... my lawyer told me i need this date from my grand=father alien registration before start any proccess to get our paper work... we just find the alien number not the expedition date !

    Does any of you know the avverage of asylum accepted by INS based on sexual-orientation ?

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    Your questions are not clear enough.try to elaborate so we can regards your second question, i have'nt encounter asylum case based on sexual orientation.


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      Thank you Bugsy...

      OK, i need to find out when did my grand-father get his green card i just have his alien number but i can not find the date either the alien card.

      So i wonder if its any way i can get the date using the alien number, by the way he passed away in 1984.

      Thans you bugsy, i know you will give me a good answer.


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        under the FOIA, you can request for photocopies of your grandfather's INS papers.You need to have a copy of his greencard, the alien registration number and have it notarized and an explanation why you need it.BTW, why do you need
        his number anyway?


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          Dear Bugsy,

          I need the expedition number fot a lawey, he told me that it my be useful to know when did he get his green card.

          He applied for our citizenship years ago, but he died... im in georgia, the paper work sent by INS is in mexico so i have to way to read what those paper say.

          Im tyring to find a lawyer to take the case, re-open it or aply for any permision... and he say that information would help.

          I guess im not beeing clear, sorry... still trying to lear english ! hehe

          You take care,



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            you have not mention about whether your grandfather is a US citizen or not.You have mentioned of him having filed citizenship for you.If he had died as immigrant there is no way you can do something about your papers.If he is a citizen and had filed for your father,there is really a big problem and much bigger problem if you are expecting your father to petition you for possible immigration.
            i would really appreciate if you can post or write clearly with correct spelling your situation so I can understand it. i am still confused on your situation.


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              My grand-father was a USC when he passed away, years before that he aplied for us. The lawyer im talking to said he would like to know when did he become residen alien -he used to work for a company in Chicago for 17 yrs- (i dont undestand how, but he said it migth help) by the way... im just emailing this lawyer right now, is not that im paying for this at this time.

              Why do u said its a big problem?

              This lawyer toldme that if my father spent time in this country back then, he might got his citizenship even if he does not know (dont ask me how, thats what a ILW laywer told me) so, he NEED to know when did he get his alien number so he can find-out whats the situation right now.
              I ask my Dad and he said he did spend time in USA but not a lot, my grand-father got sick and he was unable to write or read, so they both went to INS so my father could be autorized to sign any kind of document (dont know whats the name of this)

              I hope this make my situation clearest for you



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                there is a need to do extensive research on your case and you need to get a law firm to this for you as your case is little bit confusing for lay people like us.
                what probably you are asking is whether if your grandfather became US citizen,then his family(your father) is also a citizen.this is called derivative naturalization.You have to make simply inquiries:
                1. what is the status of your father now?
       old was he when he came to the US?
                3.what is your status? yes you?
                4.where are you and your country of origin?
                It would be best if you start scouting for a law firm and remember it might be costly in your case.