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God Kills 420 Iranian Savage Terrorists

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  • God Kills 420 Iranian Savage Terrorists

    Earthquakes in Iran, Tsunamis in Malaysia, AIDS in Africa; all revenge for 9/11


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    how interesting


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      Michael, you are crazy! How can you say that? There were innocent people who died. You are out of your mind!


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        Don't mind Michael, he misses his blow up doll at work and feels frustrated.


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          Revenge for 9/11? How odd that one would see a natural disaster as revenge for anything.

          And why is the world so upset about the loss of some 3000+ lives when we all know, or should, that a child dies from some preventable cause some where in the world, including the US, every 4 seconds? Is it because it was in the US? or because it was one... no two... big booms? Would you feel it more if you watched some of those kids starving to death every day on tv?

          The best "revenge" I can imagine is to open our minds and hearts, our stores of pharmaceutacals (where's the spell checker on here?) and our granaries, and let those angry people know they don't need to blow us up to get their kids fed and healed. They only want what we do... a decent life and perhaps some leisure time... most aren't even dreaming of a 4x4 or plasma tv.
          it was like that when i found it... honest!


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            You savage; the people in 9/11 didn't deserve to die; I hope every savage Moslem suffers a slow and painful death for 9/11


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              Michael, all I can suggest is don't have such a revengeful heart. If you think about it, if all of us felt this same way, we would live in nothing but a war zone for the rest of our lives.

              Look how many died in the Oklahoma bombing; in which was all done by our own people, a born and full pledged American Citizen, but do you view and categorize All American's as Savages now?

              Have an Open mind and just know there are good and bad in all religions, cultures, and nationalities.



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                Only innocent people died in all the disasters. Not the LEADERS who caused 9/11!!!!! You all know but you are at a denial.