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marriage certificate (get it again - additional to intl. one) in us ?

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  • marriage certificate (get it again - additional to intl. one) in us ?

    hi =)
    my situation:
    me, male, got married last year in germany ...moved to us, got greencard, conditional residence .... international marriage certificate from germany ...
    now we are having the church wedding here - but they wanna make us get an american marriage certificate for 35$ i don't really care 'bout the money, but WHY do we have to get another marrigae license/certificate ? we have a german one and an international one ... both valid and recognized in the world and yes, also by the us government and the us embassy ....
    well, if any of you guys have an advice as of what to think of this, please be so kind and let us know =)

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    Who asked you to get a marriage certificate in the US? A marriage certificate anywhere in the world is a valid marriage certificate;I think as long as its in English,its OK.If not,some translation may be needed.

    You dont need to get a new certificate everytime you move to another place.Al countries respect each other's laws,in my view.

    The main point in your case,in my view,is that if you have a church wedding,naturally you expect a product from the ocassion right? Thats why you will definitely get a certificate when you do a church weding.How can you do a wedding-church or otherwise- and not get a certicate?Its like saying you are eating food but you dont want to swallow it.

    It doesnt mean that your German ones are not valid.If you did not do church wedding,you are still married and the other certs would still be recognized.If you want to prove it,dont do church wedding and see you will still be OK with your German and 'international' certificates.

    Those are my views coz I have seen people married in other countries and this issue of certificates never arose at all.


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      Hello! In response to your post, I had a similar situation. I was married in Costa Rica. Several years later we chose to have a religious cerimony in a Catholic church. We had to apply for a marriage license here in the U.S.. When we applied at borough hall, they documented the certificate as a "re-marriage". I questioned the procedure too. I was told by the priest that my original marriage was not recognized by the church, therefore a certificate needed to be obtained! FYI, I never ever use the certificate that was issued in the United States. My REAL marriage to my spouse was the original date!