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  • n-400

    Hi all,

    My boyfriend is an Irish bartender who has applied for n-400 and is waiting for his interview in NYC...he was arrested in 1994 for possesion of coke in NYC. He pled gulity to the misdemeanor and that is his only brush with the law. His lawyer asked him to get 2 character references which he did-- one from his childhood friend/boss of 11 yrs and another one from a close friend of 8 yrs who is a firefighter.

    I would like to know what are his chances? Should he get more character references, he has a good friend (nypd) and I'm thinking he should get one from him...

    Anybody out there with similar experiences who went through the process? I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me some feedback and any tips are also welcome...Thank you so much!

    all the best,

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    Bye the way, I forgot to add that he renewed his green card last year and met with no problems.


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      If he could renew his gc without any problems, his conviction must have been fallen under the "federal first offender statute" because in any other case he would have not been able to and probably would have been removed.

      All in all he most likely qualifies for naturalization, but he must proof to INS that he's been rehabiliated and the more evidence he can submit the more likely he can get his citizenship withoug undue delay. Any other incidences (especially substance abuse related, habitual drunkard problems etc.) and it could trigger revokation of this LPR status and initiation of removal proceedings.