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Michale and itduzz vanished ?

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  • Michale and itduzz vanished ?

    It looks like Michael and Itduzz are either in US government custody or vanished and got translated into epiclaughter? I am just wondering. No offence LOL

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    It looks like Michael and Itduzz are either in US government custody or vanished and got translated into epiclaughter? I am just wondering. No offence LOL


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      I am always here; this is MY board


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        Thank God


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          Misha, this NOT your board.


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            **** ON ME, atwitsend got his head switched with mine!!!
            **** ON ME, GRINT atwitsend telling us who is who!!!

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              If I am to go back to my ancestors, then my place is here. **** on you moron.

              If this is your board, what is my IP address and email address used to register? I laugh at you

              (Is this proof Epic = Misha? ?)


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                ALL GRINTS ARE THE SAME, I TELL YOU!!!
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                Who posted this,huh???
                My ancestors???

                posted February 28, 2005 09:01 AM
                I mean no disrespect to all the good folks who responded to the initial posting of this topic (Cayita, lost in us, judy9334, LegalNut, LongTimeHere, dreamstar101, iyay, cass, mohan, zenta alem). You have provided invaluable input. I am reposting my problem verbatim, just to gauge any new thoughts. No flames please. Thank you.

                I am in desperate need of help. I would like to know if there is any relief for one who is out of status.

                Brief details;

                1) Entered on F-1 but dropped out of college and did not graduate. Overstayed and have maintained continuous presence for over ten years.

                2) Have been working without proper authorization off and on. (I have a valid SS card and it does not say "Not valid for unemployment").

                3) One misdemeanor infraction, completely settled more than 11 years ago.

                4) Married to US citizen since Dec., 1994, but separated a few months later (have not initiated divorce proceedings to date); no children. No chance of reconciliation. No papers for adjustment of status had ever been filed.

                I would like to legalize my status and be able to work and travel freely. I would like to be able to go back to school.

                I am aware my situation is dire. I need solutions. Any and all guidance is much appreciated. Absent that, please provide some referrals of attorneys/services who might be able to help.

                Thank you kindly for your time and attention. I remain hopeful. <<<<<<<<

                Now you telling me you'r not a ****STER/FRAUDSTER FILTHY GRINT FROM A ****LAND ???

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                Depo Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!
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                  Come and get me you a s s h o l e!! Where did I lie, you freak? Where is the fraud? I can't stop laughing at you !! I'm still waiting Jacque Arse! Thanks for bouncing my post to the top!