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  • L1 and H1 visas


    I have an L1 visa and have been working in US for an Year, This year I applied for an H1 and got it too, However I would want to work for the current Employer on L1 and then move to H1 after a year, Would it be possible for me to have both the visas at the same time?

    Please suggest!!

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    You can hold more than one type of work visa but you "must" abide by all their terms and conditions. If you won't work for your H-1B petitioner for a year, then you would lose it. And you should look at the number of hours stipulated on both. You can't work for 40 hrs per week for both companies.

    (This is just an opinion).


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      Thanks Rough Neighbor,

      If I understand correctly ..... This implies that I could have both the visas and work at the same time not for 40 hrs though for both my employers? How many hours could I work for each, also what is the max duration for which I could work for the current Employer and then switch for the one who has sanctioned ny H1, if not one year.

      Thanks again.


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        Normally, 40 hrs per week "total" for both companies and you should be employed by your H-1B employer IMMEDIATELY. There's no hardline rule as to how long you can delay it.

        (Just an opinion - take it or leave it).