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waiting for my Conditional GC is it possible for me to get SSn while waiting?

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  • waiting for my Conditional GC is it possible for me to get SSn while waiting?

    Hi, I'm from philippines, i just came here last year for a K1 visa, i get married sept 2006, and apply for adjustment of status november, unfortunately i lost my passport and I-94 card, my husband still send all of the copies to adjust my status, and let them know i lost my passport and I-94, luckily before i lost it we made copies of everything, so sent them everything with a police report, i receive a letter from them after a month
    stating in the letter to wait for my biometric schedule and interview for the replacement of i-94, my I-94 expired 90 days from august 2005 to the end of november, i came here for a k1 visa so it doesn't matter if it was expired. i really desperately want to know if i can get SSN even if its not valid for working while waiting for my conditional green card, as i want to learn how to drive, i want to get a drivers permit so my husband can start teaching my how to drive but we can't get drivers permit because i needed ssn, anyone familiar about this case please help. thank you so much

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    i also got a new passport now, i did have a xerox of I-94, i pretty much have everything i needed except my i-94 card is just a xerox copy as i lost the original. please help anyone who knows about this. i would appreciate so much.


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      In order to obtain a Social Security Number, you will need an Employment Authorization Document. You should also have submitted I-765 with your Adjustment of Status application.

      You may chose not to submit I-765 at this time, as it is possible that your AOS interview will occur before your receive your employment authorization (usually takes 90 days). If your AOS interview is successful, you should be immediately authorized to work (and hopefully USCIS will stamp your passport as such).

      Until you receive your Conditional Residency, your Social Security Card will be restricted: "Valid for Employment Only with USCIS Authorization."


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        thank you so much for the response, what is the possible question in my interview for the conditional green card? just wondering, is it gonna be the same question they ask when they interview me for a fiance visa?


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          WRONG - depending what state you are in.

          I for an example got my social security number when I was a Student.
          You do not need to have an working in order to get a SS just have to show though u are here in the country legally!!!


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            Originally posted by solodacat:
            thank you so much for the response, what is the possible question in my interview for the conditional green card? just wondering, is it gonna be the same question they ask when they interview me for a fiance visa?
            Hi soladacat, I am also from the Philippines, but came here on a working visa (H1b), as I was sponsored by a training hospital, and did medical residency in Texas, where I met my now husband while doing my training.

            I do not know what they asked you during your fiance visa interview, but for the AOS, the immigration officer would just ask you questions to make sure that your relationship and marriage is bonafide.


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              HBKHBK: Actually, you are WRONG.

              It is NOT sufficient simply to be in the country legally to obtain a Social Security Number.

              The original poster, given her pending AOS, will require either an approved AOS or an employment authorization.

              You were able to obtain a SSN as a student, as students are eligible for restricted cards.


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                Hi thanks guy's for response, anyway i thought there is a couple of different ssn, the ones valid for working and the other one not valid for working, my husband are working for it and se if we can get it, i don't have the date of my biometric yet and interview, but they sent me a letter but i didn't know if it means of approval, but it does say in the letter that they are going to send me another letter for my biometric and interview.


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                  An individual only ever has ONE social security number.

                  Some people (students, H-1B, AOS applicants, for example) are issued restricted cards: "Valid for Employment Only with USCIS Authorization."

                  Once a person becomes eligible for an unrestricted card, they can apply for same...but, the social security number remains the same.


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                    Okay, when I was a student here.
                    I went to the social security office,and told them I need a SS number because I need to open a checking account aka credit card.That was my only reason to have it back then.

                    They just wanted to see my legal status here and showed them my Visa.

                    And the SS number I got aka the Card is the exact same one,everyone gets who is a permanent resident.
                    It says the number and it says "Allowed to work with Authorization"

                    When I became resident 5-6 years later,I kept the same card.

                    And I know lots people who are permemnt resident.and their card says the exac same.Until you become a citizen,ain't it?

                    ps: Devil I know though, some people are giving a new ss number,like people who have changed their idenity,protective order people etc etc..

                    Its possible,but not to the avarage people...
                    I have seen lots of cases,where people got new ss card, new names etc..just for protection and all sorts of things


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                      HBKHBK: Yes, you were able to obtain a social security number because you had student status. Had you been in the country as a B-1/B-2 tourist, you would NOT have gotten a social security number.

                      Your social security card is a restricted card, hence the "Allowed to work with Authorization" notation. Unrestricted cards do not have any notation on them.

                      If you are a permanent resident, you can apply for a replacement card without the notation.


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