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No Fear Of Racial Profiling In SB 1070: Per Obama Solicitor General

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  • No Fear Of Racial Profiling In SB 1070: Per Obama Solicitor General

    Roger Algases and Treason Bar Hardest Hit

    The most important of those remaining challenges is the claim that at least two of the four sections give police authority to arrest and detain people just because they look like foreigners — in a phrase, “racial profiling.” While some of the amici in this case did raise that in their briefs, the federal government has studiously avoided the claim. And, the moment that Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., took his place at the lectern to make the U.S. challenge, Chief Justice Roberts sought to make sure that he did not talk about “racial profiling.”

    Roberts said: “Before you get into what the case is about, I’d like to clear up at the outset what it’s not about. No part of your argument has to do with rcil or ethnic profiling, does it? I saw none of that in your brief.” Verrilli said that was correct. But the Chief Justice wanted to be sure: “Okay. So this is not a case about ethnic profiling.” The Solicitor General answered: “We’re not making any allegation about racial or ethnic profiling in this case.”

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    Ok moron, it doesn't mean the Administration agree that there is no racial profiling as part of SB1070, they have decided to fight it on the basis of Immigration being a Federal matter, not a State one. If ever there were a true "straw man" argument, you just made it.
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      fede86 isn't one who made the argument, so even though he is a moron (no doubt) , he has nothing to do with this latest argument around SB 1070.

      Even the Obama appointee told solicitor that his argument isn't selling.

      The whole point of challenging SB 1070 was how will they determine what constitutes reasonable suspicion of ones' illegal status.

      Once you waive that argument, what objection really do you have to local law enforcement to check if someone is violating any law, including federal? If violations are accessible by local LE and part of routine check for all pulled over motorists, then what would you argue against it?


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        No Brain Brit just doesn't like facts. Not even the anti-white racist Obama thinks that SB 1070 has a racial angle. Better luck next time sore looser man.


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          Very good move on their part since the primary abusers of our borders do not belong to a race that can be profiled. If, on the other hand they asked,"Profiled based on probable country of origin...", it might have gotten a different response.

          Most of it will pass. The part that may not is the section to do with detention of illegals the Feds deny interest in and the section on state penalties for hiring, lodging, etc...

          There are ways around it though. If the Feds say they don't care about someone they can always bus them to the border as a convenience to going home. As for the state crime side of it they could bring in the federal side of the charges against those who assist. The employers would be notified of the knowledge of their wrong doing and that it is being passed on to the Feds which would prompt them to correct it quickly.
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