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Its Officially Over: I-751 Waiver Approved Without Interview

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    hi, aguila:
    I need your help and advice.
    I came USA as a F1 student in detroit, I married a USC in Oct.2004, and got my conditional green card in Oct. 2005. We live in different states due to my study. My husband asked for a divorce this month. I have not joint bank account and tax return( married but file seperately).
    Do you think I can get appoval of I751 waiver?


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      I am posting my I- 751 waiver experience here. I had an interview yesterday and got conditions lifted from my 2 year card. I am supposed to get a new 10 year card in the mail within 60 days.
      I got married in September, 2005. My husband cheated on me.
      I filed for a divorce myself. Divorce finalized in June, 2007.
      I filed I-751 waiver in March, 2008.
      Biometrics appointment in May, 2008.
      Interview scheduled in December, 2008.
      Got approved!
      I did not have much evidence to prove that I married my husband in good faith:
      I did not change my last name.
      We did not have a big wedding, no relatives present at the wedding.
      I did not have a joint bank account with my husband but had account statements from the same bank from separate accounts. I printed out transfer history between our accounts.
      I had my name on his car insurance and cell phone bills.
      I had electric bills on my name, gas bills on his name- for the same address.
      Lots of pictures- the officer did not even look at them.
      Lots of e-mails from and to my ex husband.
      His visa application and copy of visa to go visit my family before we got married.
      This is all I had.
      I hired a lawyer to help me and even though he was really good,now i think I could have done it all by myself. All he did was sorted my papers and arranged them in proper order. He did not go to interview with me.
      Questions officer asked me are:
      Where do you work now?
      What are all addresses you lived with/without your husband?
      Are you married at a present time?
      How many times have you been married?
      What ex husband family member did you like most of all?
      Are planning on traveling soon?
      That is it.
      I gave long answers to every question. He was telling me about his family so it took some time to talk about that.
      He then said: “It looks to me that you are eligible for permanent resident status”.
      He told me my card will arrive in the mail within 60 days. Congrats.
      I spent close to an hour in his office.
      Good Luck to anyone who is going to apply or applied and waiting.
      Just one advice: don’t get married until you have your interview for I 751 waiver.
      A girl who went for interview right in front of me got denied because she remarried.
      If anyone has any questions about my experience- feel free to reply to my post, i will answer.


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          these people stop at nothing


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