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h1-b to permenent residency

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  • h1-b to permenent residency

    Can anybody refer me to the right website or tell me how long you have to be under h1-b before being eligible to apply for permanen residency?


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    Can anybody refer me to the right website or tell me how long you have to be under h1-b before being eligible to apply for permanen residency?



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      Hi MBA,

      I found this:

      United States Permanent Residence
      Introduction to Green Card
      Family Based Green Card
      Employer Based Greencard
      Green Card Through DV Lottery
      After Green Card

      Retaining Your Green Card
      Re Entry Permit, Travel Document
      Replace Green Card
      Renew Your Green Card

      What is a Green Card?
      A Green Card is a Permanent Visa to USA. Green Card gives you the status of permanent resident and legal rights to work in United States. Once you have a green card you may apply for USA Citizenship. The Green Card does not affects your present citizenship.

      What are the benefits of being a Green Card holder?
      Green card gives you permanent U.S. resident status, which allows you the freedom to leave and return to the U.S., to seek employment, to study according to your wish. It gives you the same rights as an American citizen, and you can also retain your citizenship in your native country. With permanent resident status (green card), you can expand your business in America without any problems.

      What are the different ways to get a Green card? How to get a Green card?
      There are certain conditions and categories applied by INS for green card, important ones are discussed here. For more information checkout INS website.

      There are 5 main ways an individual can obtain permanent residency or green card for United States:

      Sponsorship by an Employer
      Sponsorship by a close Family Member in the United States
      The Diversity Visa Lottery Program
      Asylum & Refugee Status

      Related Articles :
      How Do I Replace My Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)?

      Did you know?
      Green card actually not in green in color.
      Green card doesn't mean citizenship. You might apply for citizenship after holding Green card status for a certain period of time.
      Green card is not issued for life time. It is for a specific period, which is normally for 10 years. You need to revalidate it after that limit.
      There are certain conditions in order to maintain the status of Green card.


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        Zero (0) years- H-1B is not a pre-requisite or requirement to apply for permanent residency. The key is to file for green card or labor certification before the end of your fifth year so you can stay on H-1B while the green card is pending.


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          Thank you to both ProudUSC and Mrs. Mani, I appreciate it


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            Sponsorship for LPR status has nothing to do with current lawful status. Anyone can be sponsored for LPR status based on employment, not just H1B. Once you file for adjustment from any status, you can remain in the U.S. and work.