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Nebraska SC Processing of I-130

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  • Nebraska SC Processing of I-130

    The I-130 that I have filed is at Nebraska Service Center. I have noticed that it is going up 2 mo. each month. For example:

    In May 2004 they were working on: June 2002
    In June 2004 they were working on: August 2002
    In July 2004 they were working on: October 2002

    Is there anybody else who has an I-130 filed at the Nebraska Service Center, and if so have you noticed this? I called the 1-800 number and they told me that this may be correct, but that it is just the number of cases each month they have to process....

    If it is working this way each month, then I hope to hear something by December!

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    that's great news! i would like to know, can you file in any service center? i am(LPR) planning to get married and would want to file a petition for my husband..if i can file anywhere then i would file it at NSC..