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Barak Hussein Obama Immigrant Of The Day: Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan

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  • Barak Hussein Obama Immigrant Of The Day: Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan

    Muslim, women hater, Osama Bin-Ladin lover, terrorist. And Mary Ireland wants more of these in the U.S.

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    If I was immigrant hater and most stupid, bigoted , prejudiced Nazi in the woods I would love those Arabs more than Hitler.

    Thanks to Arabs those extreme right wing nutcases, who surely are there and who try to give every person of different color, race
    , social status and appearance as much of a hard time as possible, those nutcases would still remain in fringes and never be able to justify a lot of
    what they are doing or advocating in various parts of this country today.

    It is one thing to protest against being picked on and asking to be treated as an equal human being , regardless of your place of birth, national origin and appearance. It is entirely different affair to raise havoc in a flight while praising Allah and screaming for everybody how awesome and cool Bin Laden was.

    All those "Hallelujah, Jesus!" singing nutcases who hate and need a pretext or an excuse to run a campaign of hysteria with "exterminate the other" sort of a mindset need not go too far , simply wait for some pious Muslim Arab play to your hands.


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      This character keeps defaming peoples names, I guess this character doesn`t understand that he is walking a thin line to IPP address is very easy to find...also this character keeps on throwing this immigrant german rants, but by doing so, he is defeating his own purpose of being anti immigrant becuase he sounds like an immigrant himself. FISNUCKISNYOU PISNUNCK BISTNICH!!! GET A LIFE AND STOP LIVING OFF THE SYSTEM.


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        Your use of profanity shows how ignorant you are.


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          Boys lets be adults here what we dont expect from our children to do we should try not to do it , the point is the Arabs can kill eachother in there country but they should stay away from ripping havoc in our home...
          Michael O