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      We know a 16 year old you can hook up with. How do you feel about kids?


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        I doubt you qualify as you need a degree (or years of work exper.) - Your parents really effed things up for you.

        Information/Documentation required from foreign worker for the processing of an H-1B visa:

        Current resume
        Copies of degree certificates and transcripts or mark sheets (USA & Abroad)
        Reference letters from previous employers, if readily available
        Professional License, if any
        Copies of any professional development course certificates available
        GOOD copy of the front and back of I-94 card (which denotes the type of non-immigrant visa category). It is important that we must be able to read the rubber date stamp indicating your date of arrival into the USA.
        Complete copy of passport, exclude blank pages
        Full name (Given Name, Middle Name, Surname), date and place of birth (city, province, country)
        Current address in USA, plus mailing address if different
        Permanent address abroad (parent's address, if you do not have a residence abroad)
        Home and work telephone numbers
        USA Social Security number, if you have ever had one
        Copy of I-20 authorizing practical training and GOOD copy of EAD card (Make sure the expiration date is readable), if applicable
        Copies of any prior H-1 approval notices or J-1 (IAP-66 forms), if applicable
        Address that you prefer to receive mail. We will mail to your work address unless advised otherwise
        USA Consulate/Embassy you would like us to have USCIS send a wire approval to, if necessary
        If you are currently on H-1B status and are changing employers or need an extension of stay with the same employer, we must have a copy of your most recent check stub (one that is less than two weeks old) or a letter from your current H-1B employer verifying your current employment with them.
        Copy of your education evaluation, if one has already been completed



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          It's the same. Also, I think the H1B visas are all used up for current year.

          What I think your lawyer will suggest:
          Apply for a student visa, go to college, then see if this company will sponsor you when you graduate.

          Although a nice job oportunity sounds great to you right now, this company is doing YOU a disservice by wanting to hire you now, rather than you going to college.

          F-1 Visa, I think is all you could apply for, but of course your lawyer will let you know, I'm not a lawyer.


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            I am not a computer expert, but it would only take me a few minutes to find out by googling that:

            H1's are released 1st April for a 1st October start.

            Oversubscribed, a lottery.

            A 17 year old will not get one.

            F1 requires non immigrant intent so an ask, marriage would be the best bet.


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              as soon as you turn 18years old you will stat to accumulate unlawful presence in the USA, your parents have a lot to answer for


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                JohnDodds90: I bet that your parents thought that it was all just so easy...that they were way too important to honor America's immigration laws, and would just remain in the country illegally.

                Well, it isn't easy, and the problems are just about to start. I agree with Susie and Jeff that your parents have a lot to answer for. They have left you in a very difficult situation. But, then, it all just seemed soooo easy!!

                Unfortunately, you're an innocent victim in this scenario...but, your parents should have known better (and I bet that they did, but thought that it wouldn't catch up with them).


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                  an H1b requires a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in RELEVANT work experience, at the ratio of 3 years of work for every 1 year of missing college.. and fiddling around with garage programming won't cut doubt the company's attorney will likely produce a 'magical' diploma with your name on it...but anyone over 16 can be barred for fraud...
                  and the rules are the same, whether you apply from the UK or here (but there are no H1b's left)...a student visa? sure....our embassy officials, seeing your stellar record of obeying US laws (and no doubt your parents are still hiding out in my country somewhere) and deny any visa request at just under the speed of sound.....sorry, but those who just can't be responsible cannot expect to be rewarded....


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                    Do you have any other family members that could sponsor you?
                    Are you in America now??


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                      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by johndodds90:
                      At this point, I'm 17, so, as far as I can tell, haven't accumulated any negative points and don't have any entry bar (correct me if I'm wrong). </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
                      That's correct (in case you leave now), but keep in mind that you also don't have a status to "change status from" within the USA. In other words, whether you go for student or any other status, you'll have to return to home country to get a proper visa first.


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                        [quote]Although a nice job oportunity sounds great to you right now, this company is doing YOU a disservice by wanting to hire you now, rather than you going to college.[quote]

                        Jeff, Im sorry I have to disagree on this. the disservice that is being done is to the usa worker and the h1b by going ignoring the guidelines to hire this young man.


                        Congratulations on being so talented, and light years ahead of the rest of the pack.Unfortuately america is under the mindset that you have to go to college to be educated rather than the fact that you can be educated in other ways.
                        Young man.. speak with your attorney about returning to your country while you are still legal to apply for student come back here in a legal status . You will probably be able to get permission to work after your 1st year in college. then you can pursue partime or consultant type work with that company. or another.

                        the main point is to get you in a legal status. YOur parents dont have much hope as likely they have been in removal proceedings in abstencia. and they have ignored. SAVE YOURSELF.

                        Heads up. I wouldnt use the address where you had been living in the usa, as then they will know where your parents are.

                        Sincerely Good Luck!!! YOu may be the next Bill Gates, remember he had only 2 years of college and dropped out when he started the microsoft venture.