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US National vs. US Citizen

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  • US National vs. US Citizen

    Can anyone define US National?

    Is there a waiver if anyone claims US Nationality?

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    Can anyone define US National?

    Is there a waiver if anyone claims US Nationality?


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      I can not read a question like,without saying my opinion and fact about it,which might annoy again some people...

      Please for God's sake,don't ask unintelligent dumb questions around here.I almost can not believe,questions like that are being asked here,without thinking "are you serious"

      Thats like asking whats the different between Holland and Netherland. Just stop LOL. Its not funny anymore haha...

      Listen, a U.S. Citizen is the exact same as someone aying "I am a U.S. National" Darn it.

      Your citizenship is the United States of America,meaning you belong to the U.S. thus,you are a citizen of the country United States.

      Your Nationality,is an American aka U.S.

      What nationality are you? U.S., why? cause you are a citizen of the United States.YOU belong and represent the U.S. which you to an oath to pretect against all enemies,foreign and domestic.


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        There are no stupid questions...

        "There is a technical distinction between a citizen of the United States and a national of the United States. All citizens of the U.S. are nationals, but all nationals are not citizens. The term national of the United States is defined in section 101(a)(22) of the INA, and explained in detail in section 308 of the INA."


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          There is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands. Holland is a region of the Netherlands, not the whole country.

          And a US national includes US Citizens and also some people who are not USCs:

          "An individual who owes his sole allegiance to the United States, including all U.S. citizens, and including some individuals who are not U.S. citizens. These individuals would include citizens of certain U.S. possessions such as American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands."


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            Rush to judgment is sometimes, somehow the mother of all mess ups - if not all the time.

            The problem with some posters here is their flair for writing but all too often callousness in reading back about the issue at hand.

            This thread is one classic example.

            So let's put this in its proper perspective: If the question isn't stupid after all, what does it make out of the response?

            I'll say this again, each time a person points a finger to others, more of her/his own fingers point at her/himself!



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              In the age of information technology and availability of all the needed info. at hand (in case of simple INA related queries - also availability of tens of thousands of Law Offices and Immigration Law practicioners throughout USA, many with toll-free access numbers and FREE initial consultations) only very foolish person would overload his/her head with totality of all the information that exists on planet Earth , on every single subject imaginable - just for the sake of appearing smart and giving detailed, to the minute, answer to just about any poster that may come and ask the simplest questions there could be (sometimes so simple that half-a-minute of 'googling' would point to the exact statutes defining the subject of inquiry).

              Besides, most often ,in such circumstances, it's best to encourage people do their own work and not chew (instead) their food before putting it on their plate.
              If they can't handle even the simplest questions and tasks how are they going to cope with their future life in their newly adopted country?

              Rush to judgement, indeed..


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                but the example with Holland does not make sence.

                I mean,I know that Holland is only considered the 2 provinces of north and south,which is along the west coast.

                But they all have the same CITIZENSHIP.

                I get it now,that a "U.S. national" is an individual who owes his sole allegiance to the United States.

                But logically it makes not much sence..but whatever...looks like i was wrong with this!