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  • my wife died

    Dear friends, I recently buried my wife. She died suddenly and the only joy I now have is our daughter(i'm not her biological father) and the good memories the three of us shared.

    She (being a U. S. citizen) was going to sponsor me for my immigration matters and we had already signed our papers since we decided to file the paperwork ourselves. We however had not filed by the time of her demise and I have the papers with me.

    Is there anything I can do to proceed with the process especially now that I am solely responsible for our daughter? She's a really precious child and I love her more than anything in the world.

    Many thanks - blox

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    I'm very sorry for you loss. I don't know the answers to your questions but I'm sure that someone will post that can help. How long were you all married?


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      I, too, am not certain of the answer, but it would appear that if you had not even begun the petitioning process with your spouse, then chances are it would not be possible.

      Were you in the USA on another visa, prior to marrying?

      Hoping you have the support of friends and family through this difficult time...


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        I dont know about the exact law. But I am pretty sure that since none of the petitions were filed basically you wont be able to file the forms.

        I would suggest consulting with a competant lawyer and also whatever you do, do it before the CIS starts removal proceedings against you...


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          I'm sorry for your loss and the difficult time you are going through. How long were you married to her? I know that after two years of marriage another relative (USC) can be the sponsor when the main sponsor dies. Talk to a lawyer.


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            I want to thank all those who viewed and even more for those who shared their comforting words in this time of mourning.

            My wife and I had been married for close to 6 months, it's just a nightmare.




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              He killed his wife for a green card ! It's a freaking epidemic I tell you ! No one dies after 6 months by accident !


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                Michael, have you received that breast from Affobo yet?


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                  You are such a ***ing ***hole!



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                    It's a scam ! I can see through all scamster activity.


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                      Then it would be murder not an immigration scam... Better call in the tip and collect a reward!

                      What an idiot.



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                        How to spot that this is a scam;

                        1. The papers were signed but noot sent in... how long does it take to mail somethiing? Did she sign and then automatically collapse and die a minute later?

                        2. He doesn't mention what she died of

                        3. He is not the biological father (who is and why isn't she with him if the mother is dead?)

                        4. He doesn't say what country he is from; murdering a spouse for GC is typical of muslims and Russians.

                        5. If his spouse just died, why is he on a bulletin board worrying about his immigration status rather than mourning his beloved green card victim?



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                          You know Mike-Hole, there was a period of 3 or 4 weeks where you were actually providing useful and helpful advice to folks. I would suggest that you go back on whatever medication you were taking at that time as now you are just back to your old Mike-Hole self.

                          You are indeed entitled to your own opinion as that is the basis of this country. But be advised, you are simply making an As-s of yourself and showing how immature you really are.

                          I needed to ground my girlfriend's son from the internet because he couldn't behave online - maybe you should consider the same for yourself (and he is only 12 and has learned his lesson - you are much older and incapable of simple civility).

                          Like I said, there was a month there where you almost seemed like you were capable of being a responsible citizen. Now you are simply proving to the rest of us out there that you are no better than the KKK or other racist idiots from our history. I normally ignore anything (and everything) that you post but I felt like letting you know that your partiipcation on this forum is not only unwelcome but also just plain STUPID.

                          That is my opinion.



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                            Yes pencild-i-c-k is living upto his kindergarten status. All we need now is that mentally challenged s-l-u-t Maria laying down the law.

                            Irrespective of anyone's intentions Michael, they have lost their love one and it is sure sign of depravity on your part when in circumstances like this, that you can't show any compassion.

                            Blox, I'm truely sorry for your loss


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                              This is our system; if you don't like it, get out !