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Frist Bill, Judiciary Committee Bill, and Temporary Guest Worker Program/Earned Adjus

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  • Frist Bill, Judiciary Committee Bill, and Temporary Guest Worker Program/Earned Adjus

    Senator Frist Bill's bill excluded the controversial Temporary Guest Worker Program and Earned Adjustment of Status of Illegal Alien Program.

    Does it mean it is the end of these programs in the Senate?

    Nope! Frist's bill would go directly to the full Senate, but reportedly he said he would allow Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., to substitute a committee bill if Specter's panel can approve one by March 27. Otherwise, the majority leader will stick to a strict, two-week schedule to finish work on what he conceded would be "as challenging a bill as any we'll have to address this year." Senator Bill Frist certainly has dropped a bombshell, making his colleagues totally stunned, but there is a good chance that the Temporary Guest Worker Program and the Earned Adjustment Program eventually adopted by the Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 27, 2006 and the Committee's final compromise bill put on the center stage on the floor of the Senate.

    The good news is that for the gain of politics or not, the comprehensive immigration reform legislation may move fairly in good pace to some observer's surprise. Legal immigration and employment-based immigration reform are clinging on the edge of the politics involving on these two issues.

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    Jesus taught to forgive.

    Forgive than over-staying a visa or illegal status.

    Jesus forgives even illegal work in the United States.
    Just pray to him and he will forgive us all of our sins including minor immigration violations.

    Just think that our live on earth will not last forever.

    After 100 years nobody would care about any guest worker program. There will be no differenve between US citizen, illegal or legal alien.

    Only AliBA, SunDEVillUS and Someone12 will be in HELL and all of the rest in HEAVEN.



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        The infractructure of the US would not allow the deportation of any percentage of its work force...I think the stock market will take a hit whenever it hears workers having to leave their jobs by the millions thus causing the market to get uneasy


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          Other countries tried to solve that illegal immigration problem by passing very quite form of legalization (Canada, UK, Spain and even such poor countries like East European).
          Police would not be able to handle an additional load of 12 millions ˜'immigration felons'' – US would become country of 12 millions ˜'criminals''.

          I would see more gradation in immigration violations:
          Is killing a human the same crime as stealing one loaf of bread from supermarket?
          Is being brought as a child to US and overstaying the same type of violation as crossing the border not inspected after previous deportation?

          In the early 20-ties the US government tried to solve he problem of illegal manufacturing of alcohol beverages. They banned import and consumption and announced prohibition and only enforced the laws. The results were the opposite and enforcing the laws did not work: mafia got stronger and made even bigger profit from smuggling alcohol into US and manufacturing alcohol illegally.

          Every action or enforcement against natural economic demand for low wage workers sooner or later would fail. Such enforcement would make stronger those who tried to smuggle illegal worker to US because of lack of legal channels to employ them. The only answer is ... guest worker program which adheres to economics.


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            As long as HR4437 is not enacted into law, anyone who likens "Civil Immigration Offence" to a CRIME of stealing a bread from supermarket is simply misleading the audience, to say the least.
            It's like equating speeding 10 miles over the speed limit on highway to stealing someone's car.

            There is no need to comment the rest of Marias' post.
            It's just another attempt to "stereotype" all supporters of guestworker programs as "d-u-m-b-a-s-s-e-s who support criminals".


            "We heard it all before
            We've seen it all before"



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              Let's not forget what would happen if one day the USA is missing 12 million consumers.

              Let's be honest for a moment, like it or not these are consumers that buy, i.e. groceries, clothing, etc.
              What would happen to all the USA manufactures that employ 100's of American citizens and legal residents making products that the illegal consume?
              A lot of employees would have to be laid-off due to lack of sales, etc.

              I think the real problem is that some of the USA citizens don't want 12 million or should I say 6.7 million Mexicans one day with some kind of legal status.

              What I want to see is a "white" man picking the crops on the field and cleaning up toilets.
              That, I would pay to see.

              Next time you're enjoying that strawberry margarita just remember who picked that strawberry, it might have been a "Mexican".

              My .02 cents.



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                I think the real problem is that some of the USA citizens don't want 12 million or should I say 6.7 million Mexicans one day with some kind of legal status.

                you've got it right.


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                  Racism has always been a powerful force in the U.S; it has shaped politics and legislation. Unfortunately, the same people who complain about cheap labor is the same people who would buy a cheaper DVD player made in China instead of the more expensive model made in the U.S. (if you can find one). Reducing the work force by millions is not going to drive prices down, it's not going to make the country more competitive.


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                    So, Freedom1--You want illegal aliens because they're cheap labor? My, my, my--how humane of you.

                    The real problem is that Americans don't want 12 million illegal aliens (roughly half of whom are not Mexican or Hispanic) in their country, having violated our laws in entering, and continuing to do so by working illegally and committing fraud to do so. We also do not want illegal aliens who we must subsidize with health care and education, because their employers won't provide benefits or decent wages. You might also want to remember that what determines wages is supply and demand for labor, and the availability of so many workers as well as their poor skill and education levels, is what keeps them poor and will keep them poor, illegal or not, particularly if there is a program that allows employers to keep importing workers at will.

                    Finally, if you're going to squawk about racism, the racism you should talk about is Mexico's and Latin America's. That's the racism that doesn't provide these people with decent standards of living in their own countries.


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                      We've heard it all before
                      (repeat 12 times)


                      We don't wanna hear
                      We don't wanna know
                      Please don't say you're not fascists
                      We heard it all before
                      And we can take care of ourselves
                      We don't wanna hear
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                      We've seen it all before
                      And we can't take it anymore

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                      There's more important things than hearing you speak
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