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  • N-400 -questions

    I will apply for citizenship and I have a question: I never fill out
    any income taxes ,because I never worked(I went to school most of the
    time),but I am in my father's income taxes for the past 5 years. Can I
    use my father's income taxes at the interview? Should I ask IRS for
    some proves that I didn't fill out any forms?
    Thank you

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    any idea?


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      1- How old are you ?
      2- What is the Status of your father?
      3- What is your status?
      4- Where did you go to school?


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        i had my interview on may20,2005.officer did not ask me any question he just askesd me so u want to change ur name. i said yes.then we talked about 9/11 and hijab.
        after that he told me about his family that he has 5 kids and he is catholic and after all that he asked me !when u want to take oath and i replied as soon as possible and he issued me an oath letter right away for may27, i am a citizen of u.s.the amazing thing was he came out from his office to the hall where my brother was waiting for me he had conversation with my brother about 20 min.that was it


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          2.he has green card
          3.i have green card
          4. new york
          can i use my father's income taxes or not?


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            The IRS Laws are very clear after 18 the law says you are an adult, but the burden of proof lays with the applicant.
            Are you a full time student?
            If yes then your father might be able to claim you as dependent.
            You do not need to attached the copies of tax forms, you can take them with you for interview.

            For: afia: Mabruk:
            You have not explain what documents have been attached to your N-400?


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              i was a student since may last year
              In this case can i use them?Should i send them with the appplication?I attached pecture,money,copies of my green card and passport.What elese should i attach?