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Can a USC marry a J-1 ?

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  • Can a USC marry a J-1 ?

    Hey, Im posting this on behalf of my gf. She is head over heels in love with a man and he works in USA on a J-1 Visa. He told her that even if they got married on J-1 he still has to go back to his country for 2 years. Is this true or is he just bs'in her. Im just tryin to make sure for her own benefit, coz I dont know if hes lying or if this is really true. I know people that were on H visa, F visa, that married no problem and stayed. Any Info would be gladly appreciated. thx.

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    J-1 visas have a two-year home residency requirement. This means that he is legally required to return to his country of origin when his authorized stay in America ends.


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      She can marry anyone she wants.

      IF he has J visa WITH 2 yr. restriction, guess then he has to file for waiver with State Dep.
      Though, I am not sure about whole procedure, wheter spouses of USC qualify for such waiver and etc.

      Good luck!


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        I had J1 visa and a 212 restriction and I get married before my visa was expire.You need to file for a waiver for that restriction, takes time, maybe 6 months, but the first step is go to your embassy in USA and ask for info about that waiver. by the time you should ask for a case number at the department of state. I did it my myself and if you have more questions let me know.