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    An agency told me that this nursing home in Texas will sponsor me to work for them as CNA. They said I only need to pay $500.00 for processing fee, a valis SSS no. and a working permit will be issued to me. Is this really legal?
    My permit will be valid for 6 years, but need to renew every year. I have a 2 year old daughter, can she attend school here? what will be her status? I do not want to stay here illegally.

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    How did you get to the US?


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      I came as a tourist


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        If you entered as a tourist, then you don't have a SSN....
        They would have to sponsor you to work


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          Yes, they said, but I thought there'a a lot of exams involved? and how long does a working permit last? is it true 6 years? but the contract is every 2 years?


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            this agency sounds like they are scamming you. There is no such thing as some $500 fee and, bingo, you have a work permit. You would need an H1C visa (for nurses), based on an approved petition from the INS, not some fly-by-night bogus agency. Do not give these clowns your money. You cannot work as a tourist, you cannot work as a B1 visitor, you must have an employment based visa, period.
            There is some discussion in Congress about opening up the H1C visa program - it has been closed, so to speak, for a while. Wait until this program has been established. Ask these idiots at the "agency" to show you, in the Immigration and Nationality Act, where it says you give these morons $500 and you can work as a nurse or in health care. Make them produce the book, not some BS photocopy! Better yet, DEFY them to show the law to you.