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advance parole(for umesh or mohan)

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  • advance parole(for umesh or mohan)

    hi guys
    i need some help here-- i am married to a US citizen-- have been interviewed for i-485 and i-130, but no decision and told to wait for decision in mail--- can i go india on advance parole --- and can i enter usa without any problems when i get back-- will i be asked questions at the port of entry--- i was illegal for more than a yr before i applied for i-485, and i-130.i asking all that cuz on ins web site it says that admission is not guaranteed even with issuance of advance parole. please help............

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    I don't think you should leave until your documents are approved. Have you been working with an immigration attorney whom you could ask? I wouldn't go anywhere until your status is secure.


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      That's what Advanced Parole is for: to travel ! So you're fine. Go back without worry. BCIS won't issue AP if you can't travel ! So you're fine.


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        If you entered USA illegaly and then tried to adjust your status you will have problem getting back in. If you were inspected when you first came to US you should not have any problem. Still if you waited this long and you don't have an emergency to go back wait until you get your approval letter.Good luck


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          If you came on a visa and overstayed by more than a year, you WILL have a problem. You will be subject to the 10 year bans when trying to re-enter the US.

          Do not leave until you have your green card.


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            Interview and I-130 has no impact of returning back. its two diffenten path.
            thumb rule.
            If you have any overstay, outstanding deportation, etc you should not leave. it can make problems even if you have advance parole