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  • silly mistake

    hi friends

    My friends have question but he dont want to use his identity. He use fake marriage certificate to get visitor visa. After got visa he prepare a fake divorce certificate. He is here for about a year. Now recently really got marriede with US citizen. He is fearing to apply for Adjustment of status becuase he think his fruad will create problems. His question is

    1. Do the INS inquiry in all cases or in certain condition ?

    2.How can he avoid inquiry?

    He is really worried about it. Please help him.

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    When you apply for the 2nd visa, he will have provide a certified copy of the divorce decree. Not just a notary stamp will do. It has to with the stamp from the courthouse official as all divorces are recorded same as marriage certificates. He should be worried for committing visa fraud. Tell him to go home, and send someone else who is trying to get visa to usa in the legal way.


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      they didn't verify that paper on all other applications, why would they do it now?

      is this a us certificate or a foreign certificate?

      up to him. either he can hope they don'ta sk, and he don't tell. or he can lie once again and say it's a real divorce.

      qustion: why would someone make a fake marraige certicate, and fake divorce certificate. d oesn't make sense. and for what visa??

      -= nav =-


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        This type of fraud do not have any place in the United States.


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          I'm responding because i know of someone in a similiar situation. From what i understand, if someone uses fraudulent papers to enter the U.S,they could never adjust to permanent status.The only chance your friend really has is to stick to his story and pray that they don't investigate. However, if they do, he will face deportation proceedings without a doubt.I suggest that he contacts a good lawyer and let them know his story, so that he understands his pros and cons. Since 9/11 I.N.S investigates everything thoroughly,thus getting through situations like this is 1-100. Good luck!


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            I have done some silly mistakes in my life, BUT I WOULD NOT CONSIDER WHAT YOUR FRIEND HAS DONE AS A SILLY MISTAKE.


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              Well ..

              To moondin...

              It does make sense to create fake marriage certificate for getting visa coz that way he will show strong ties back home to US consulate ....that he will return for sake of his wife, family, kids whatever...

              Whatever your friend did is wrong ... but without justifying someone if I answer / give my opinion .... If those certificates are issued from foreign country then as per my understanding they don't even check when you apply in US Consulate in that country where certificates / divorce decree were issued ... so I highly doubt it...that they might check it making inquiry to local marriage / divorce registry in other country.... Lets hope for the best in ur friend's case ....

              All he can do is as somebody already told here...stick to that story and pray God....Pasha


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                I don't understand how someone get a VISITOR VISA if he is married to US citizen....I'm confused. Coz' if he is married (even fake)...the consulate won't allow visitor must be K3 or DCF.


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                  Hi me2...

                  His friend got visitor visa... its not about marriage to USC ... so he showed to US Consulate that he has wife in home country ( strong tie) to come back from USA... coz lot of times they don't issue visitor visa to bachelors as they might end up marrying someone in USA after entering on visitor visa....