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  • Goodbye to my friends

    While I have only been here for a few months, I have made many friends. Some of you have contacted me by other means and I will continue to keep in touch with you that way. For those of you that I have offended, I apologize. For those that have become friends, I will miss you. But, I have new challenges ahead and other people to help. The show must go on. A special goodbye to Pasha, Still, Jo, 4now, and Paddy. Gotta run, I've got a train to catch.

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    While I have only been here for a few months, I have made many friends. Some of you have contacted me by other means and I will continue to keep in touch with you that way. For those of you that I have offended, I apologize. For those that have become friends, I will miss you. But, I have new challenges ahead and other people to help. The show must go on. A special goodbye to Pasha, Still, Jo, 4now, and Paddy. Gotta run, I've got a train to catch.


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      where u going?

      -= nav =-


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        We'll miss you...what no access to computers where you are going?


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          Would you send me an email to:

 So we can keep in touch ?


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            Everyone seems to have left.

            This s.u.c.k.s!

            irri, you'd better keep in touch!

            The Who - You Better, You Bet
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              Hey Irri

              You just cant up and run like that Who's gonna "irritate" us now

              Get a laptop or something! Im jealous ...ur riding on a train.

              Better take our advise..oops I mean advice ..and GET BACK HERE. but if you dont.. Best wishes to you always.


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                I miss Irri


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                  Hey Irri,

                  This is of course disappointing that u r leaving ... but I can understand .... Certain things are more important and time limits .... Well I will keep in touch with you... it was a fun time talking to you and get to know little bit about you .... Wish you all the best and do come on board whenever u get a chance .... God bless you ... Pasha


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                    And one more thing I would like to thank you for ... thanks a lot for correcting me whenever I made a mistake ... I will miss that part ... I thought I found a permanent teacher who would correct me if I do something wrong in written English .... But I will keep in touch with you through e mail ... and it will be hard when u cant take part on this board actively the way you used to ... but show us your presence whenever you get a single chance... Wish u all the best irri in whatever you do ... My best wishes and prayers are always with you.... Pasha

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                      I sad 2 my freind has left cuz he help me lots with grammer. He say he leve 4 luv but he allso sad 2day. By 'irri' I hope yuo come back soon Miami sad place 4 me now without freind. Maybe I should moves 2 Canada? He never say he knows me 2 pretect me but now dont madder cuz he gone.


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                        Hey SAD

                        Where have u been? Glad ur ok.

                        We were all worried about you 2.

                        So it looks like u are ok afterall.

                        We miss irri like u do.


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                            Where are you going? Are you going to have another ID just to kill this "irritated" character? Just kidding. Since you have said that you will keep in touch with those who have become your friends in other ways, I assume that you do have access to computer/internet if you are referring to keeping in touch via emails. So, Internet doesn't seem the issue here as some of your friends have thought. I personally think that you should stick around. Why?

                            [1] You keep this board busy thru your various "spicy" stuffs, even though those stuffs are not directly related to Immigration matters. I mean- there is always an action on this board because of you. And as you may know, people do like action here to keep them busy. Am I right? Most importantly, since Swissnut has become dear friend to everyone, we don't see that much actions [debate/argument etc] over here anymore as we used to see. With that in mind, your presence is must more than ever.

                            [2] If you would leave, then who will be Java jolter/smeller? Who will analyze people' prose and syntax? Who will be our "linguistic" figure over this board?

                            [3] If you would leave, then who will organize the party/convention in Pasha's town, wherein I would be arriving in Limo with two c-h-i-c-k-s on both side and fur coat on me as you described. But then the problem would be- you need to give me many-many names tags under all names-like Nina, Molly, Brittany, Broken Heart, Sammy, Chuck or whatever. I will try to change my costume as fast and as best I can to pretend like them in the party, alrighty.

                            [4] How can you leave when you job is not finished yet here, I mean- don't you know that "that" specific thread has not broken ˜ all time' record yet? You even asked Swissnut to help you in that, then how can you decide to leave without finishing your job first?

                            [5] Who will be acting Sgt. of this board if Jo will be absent for some reason, as it seems that she will be, because she got the job to do now.

                            [6] Who will then correct Pasha's English as he requested you? Did you already get the hug and autograph from Still as you requested previously so that you don't need to stay around for anymore?

                            To me- I don't keep any animosity against anyone even if they have offended me. I have learned to ignore things [ I don't read their further posts at all], because I cannot stop people in thinking whatever they want to think for whatever their reasons. Nevertheless, I extend my hands for friendship with you. However, I am going to post a reply that I thought to post it previously in response to your comments about me, but I hope you would understand that- [A] this reply was supposed to be posted long time ago, but I did not post it in the past- because some of my friends from this site advised me to forget anything about this matter, since they said that they knew who I am and they don't need anyone to tell them who I am. [2] This reply was not intended to offend you, instead to clear my position on your comments. I also hope that you will ignore any comment on this reply that would seem offending or otherwise to you, since I have no intention now to go in the past, because I am more interested in present and future.


                            No offense to Irritated at all, but I just don't know at this time about how to pronounce Irritated. Should I pronounce Irritated as He, or She, or Bi? I really am confused here, because if you will notice Irritated's earlier post, wherein s/he has stated that s/he had dated a girl from Canada. So, we assume that Irritated is male. But then on another post dated 01/07/04-12:17a.m, s/he stated: "That's the same reason I don't date American men either!" Because of this second statement, it is all getting puzzled. I don't think any man would make such statement about whether to date another man or not, unless he is g-a-y or Bi. However, it should not be the matter what is the s-e-x-u-a-l preference of a person, nor it matters to me. The only reason I raised this matter, because I don't know what should I call Irritated while addressing something. Nevertheless, I will call Irritated- MAN. Irritated, please don't take it as an offense, nor you don't need to explain anything to me on this issue because I am not interested to know anything about you.

                            With all due respect to your expertise, I really don't give the d-a-m-n about whether you studied "those" linguistic skills in one of your postgraduate degrees or at any crime lab, nor I care about what areas you specialized in. Your expertise in analyzing people's prose, syntax-structure and other Java jolting skills, doesn't matter to me, nor it impresses me. Speaking to my syntax-structure as if you claim to have good understanding on it, then I assume that you may have been keeping eyes on my posts for a while. But then how did you not notice into my posts about what I have been saying over and over for a long time. Thereby, it is seemed that either you may have overlooked those posts, or don't believe me in making those statements sincerely. I've very clearly stated there that- [1] I've never posted in another ID, nor I will do this kind of thing ever; [2] I don't really have time for games either. Please read my lips again- "I've never posted in another ID, nor I will do this kind of things ever; as well I don't have time to play this kind of games".

                            I don't care if someone can match the syntax of my writing with another person, or can match other points similar to mine. Just because someone writes the same way I do, or just because they have the same views as I have, or just because someone has other points-like size of the text, or writing certain words or style, etc..etc.. exactly I write, still it doesn't mean that I am the same person behind all those IDs. Similarly, if someone may have said lots of good things about me, it doesn't mean that I am the one behind that person's ID to boost my self-esteem or playing games as what you said. I don't need to draw the attention from anyone by posting in another ID, since I think my own ID is good enough to get enough attention. Speaking to attention, then what attention are you talking, and for what?

                            As far as playing the game is concerned, then you should know that I am the one, who has been saying for almost a year that I don't have time to play the games. And secondly, when I don't have even 10 minutes to visit this site, then you think that I can get that much time to play games over here under all kind of different IDs. If I would have more time, I would have spent it in helping more and more people rather than playing games. This is not my style. I am way to old to play those childish games. Because of having no time, I hardly even post here, or if I post then it is once in a two weeks or more. Just because you have all the time in the world to do all kind of stuffs [including playing ALL games and nonsense], doesn't mean that I have the same privileges that you have.

                            As far as bolstering the self –esteem image from this site goes, then you've got to be kidding. No wonder you have overlooked my previous posts, wherein I was very clear that I've nothing to gain from here. The only reason I visit this site is just to help people without having any other motives. I don't need to bolster my self-esteem from here, nor I have any self-esteem issue, which you may think need to be bolstered from here. In my daily life I've thousand of people around me, and I believe that they would be enough for me to bolster my self-esteem if I need to. Similarly, I don't need to fabricate other personalities to bolster my image and self-esteem. Did I say Image? What I am going to achieve after bolstering my image or self esteem from here? Would I get clients after that as to make money, unless you have overlooked my previous statement, wherein I stated that the only reason I had decided not to pursue on practicing immigration law because I didn't want to make money out of poor and hard worker immigrants? Or would I get many-many women to date, unless you have forgotten about my previous statements that I've high respect for my body, raised with good morals and I live with dignity? Or would people over this board vote for me if I would run for public office?

                            As far as ˜women around me' is concerned, then you should know that I've been always around to women or at least in their conversation. I've been always a hot topic to them, and don't know why. Ever since at Junior High school, High school, University, and at work, I've been centered figure among them. I don't know why. I am not trying to imply something that I am a Casanova or something like that, instead I am just telling the truth. Because of this, I've been often told mistakenly that I am a *******. Maybe, those people always have always seen females around me. But the people, who know me well, understand that I respect the females very much and at the same time- I don't loose my morals and dignity. I never consider myself as someone special, because I wanted people to judge me and not that I judge myself. However, I'm always told that my eyes are the best and s-e-x-i-e-s-t feature. When people meet me, they don't feel that they are meeting me very first time, instead they feel as if they knew me for ages, because I am very friendlier and down-to-earth kinda person. I respect everyone. I can get along with a street homeless person and a person like Bill Gates at the same time. I don't judge the people how they look, or what they have [like money, social status or any other materialistic things], instead how a person is from inside is more important to me. I am very kind person if you only know.

                            Furthermore, I feel very good just being Sammy. This is my real name, and not something like your ID that is a fictions character only. However, I did post previously [maybe 10 months ago] under the ID-˜Sam', but then somebody told me at that time that they would rather prefer me posting in my real name- ˜Sam my' and since then I've been posting under this ID alone. I am not afraid of posting my beliefs in my own ID, nor I feel ashamed to stand up for my beliefs. Because I always stand up for my beliefs, in and out of this board, even if it sometimes create some kind of debate with good people around me. So, there is no need for me to post my views under another ID, because I like people to know where do I stand on those issues. If they would get disagree with me, it would still be fine with me, because I will be presenting my views and not theirs. Everyone sees the situation differently. So, there is no need for me to create another ID just to post something that I believe, unlike you. Your said ID was just born few days ago only. And the only reason it was created since it is seemed that you were afraid to post your beliefs under your real ID, as well it was created just for showing your desperate irritation towards Swiss's posts.

                            I've done extensive search on your all posts, and did not find that you have ever contributed anything helpful to this board except attacking and discouraging the people, unless I've overlooked something. I noticed that you get irritated so easily because of Swiss's posts, but isn't it you had option not to read her posts if her posts irritate you that much? Then I also noticed that you were advising JohnDoe to go to an immigration attorney instead of finding any help from this board [or maybe advising him to stay away from Swiss's replies], but I think differences in the opinions are what that makes this board beneficial. I personally think it is better to have all kind of opinions regardless of where those opinions are coming from. I think everyone would be agreed with me that Swiss is entitled to her opinions as much we are. Nobody is suggesting anyone to follow what he or she has said; instead it is person's own personal choice. Overall, mostly people have done lots of constructive and intellectual things than you have ever done on this board at least. I am not saying that you have no right to disagree with me or anyone else, but I believe that attacking and using other nonsense should not be used, because it won't make you a better person anyhow, as what I know.

                            You said: "If you want to help people then just help them. We don't need the games". Who these WE are? Since when, or do I need to start taking instructions from someone like you now to do something in my life, especially when a person like you did not give me any reason to show any respect in order to listen? As Molly has said to you that you and Aguila are the same person. And in response, you said: "An 8-years old could figure out that Aguila is not a native English speaker". So if you think I am Molly then do you think that I am even younger than 8-year old [that you mentioned] who can not even figure it out that Aguila is not a native English speaker, especially when I've spoken to Aguila personally many times and reviewed his whole case in details. I've also spoken to Molly too in the past. So if I were Molly, then why would I make those comments?

                            My dear Irritated, you might not know lots of things about me, but just want to tell you something more. I was not born just yesterday. I am being around for a while, and believe it or not- the things that you think to do now; I've done those things when I used to play with toys. Having said that, I am not offending you, but it is true that I am 15-20 yrs more forward in my thinking than normal people. I think you should also know that I had completed my training in London [U.K.] as a ˜Profiler' for Crime Record Bureau, City of New York in 2002. With keep in mind all about me in its totality- do I seem that stupid to you that I won't change my syntax or certain things if I am really going to use another Ids? It might be difficult for some people or crooks to mask certain uses of syntax, but I am not one of them, I can bet you on that for sure. I think I need to learn from you NOW how to smell the Java and How to be a linguistic like you.

                            The trashes from you and others don't bother me anymore. I learned to ignore them in its entirety. As you know I've been there many times since I've been dogged out many times in the past for different reasons. Some people have always picked something new to put me down or raise some suspicious about me. I can remember about some people telling me of being Umesh Passi under my ID almost 10 months ago. Even though Umesh and I denied it being the same person, but they still believed that we were both same person in different ID, but over the times people did realize that they were wrong. Similarly, I've been criticized many times in the past for the immigration information that I provided to some people. Just because that information doesn't look good for them, or just because those people could not find that information to get satisfied, they were very offensive to me. But then, over the time during their own research or thru some other ways, they did realize that I was right in my information, and that I had nothing to gain in giving wrong information to them.

                            Now I do know that you have become DEAR to many of regular members of this site. They do like your linguistic and other things, or maybe you keep them busy on this board thru talking about all kind of stuffs, that's why I did not want to say anything to you earlier in my defense, since I though they might find me offensive to you. I know that you are a nice person in totality, based upon your posts that I read. I am not here to offend you, nor I'm putting you down in any way, instead I would just like to say that please don't accuse someone unless you have concrete evidence to support your position. You see, I know very well who you are under this ID, but you won't see me telling you that who you are unless I get concrete evidence about your identity. I know that I cannot get that proof ever to prove that you are the same person in this another ID even though I know for sure who you are, I mean your another ID. I think that is difference between you and me. I just don't know since when you turned this way [to try to use linguistic skills to attack someone], since you used to be a nice and kind person under another ID. Now, you don't need to answer me anymore on anything, because I won't even open this thread or will overlook your posts in its entirety.

                            I won't read the further posts on this thread, so obviously I won't reply anything here either. I don't need to give explaination to anyone on anything. I just said above that I don't hold anything against anyone.


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                              Since none of you pansy a.s.s.e.s would come to my defense when SAMMY attacked me, I must return to defend myself.