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International Travel with pending I-751 & expired GC

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  • International Travel with pending I-751 & expired GC

    Trying to find info out. A friend of mine has a conditional residence card (thru marriage) and it expires in September 2009. He hasn't filed his I-751 yet to remove the condtions on his residency, and is about to do so. However, he has a vacation planned with his wife, that falls right in the middle of when his card expires. It was my understanding that because he has a CONDITIONAL residency - that no matter what, once his card expires, he is not permitted to leave the United States and expect re-entry. He was told by someone that he could send his application in, and using the I-797C Notice of Action receipt, he would be able to travel with no problems and be able to re-enter the country. Now, if he had a normal 10 year perm residency card that he was renewing with an I-90, I can maybe see this as no problem. But since his conditional residency expires by a certain date, how would it be possible for him to just use the I-797C to travel with his expired card and passport?

    Does anyone know if this is true or not?? Please help!

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    The I-797C Receipt Notice will actually say that the green card has been extended for one year.


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      The best advise you can give to your friend is to apply for removal of condition. He should not delay it by waiting for last minute. He is almost late.


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        Without the extending I-797C, you cannot travel. You can be refused entry at worst and an deferred inspection at least. The airline may also refuse you boarding. Don't travel witout it.