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can someone answer me please

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  • can someone answer me please

    hello all
    i have a problem with my n-400 application.
    i applied in 1998 and was interviewed in 2000,after that they called me several times to give them my fingerprints ( i guess it expires every six months) and i obliged.
    Now for a year or so i didnt hear anything from them.upon inquiring they told me that they have closed my file for "lack of prosecution"
    thats that, i need help from you guys in my situation as to what should i do next and also should i re apply or what. i am waiting since last five years.
    Thanks in advance

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    Write to the Dist. Director attaching the copy of a letter you have received for fingerprints and tell the date of your fingerprint. Ask him how long it will take for them for Naturalization process. Get in writing.