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biometrics app. with 3 felonys....

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  • biometrics app. with 3 felonys....

    thank you for your help

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    These days they automatically do a biometric check before issuing GC's including renewals. They will find out about the charges and convictions. 3 felonies are a lot and most likely you will be removed from the country, especially as they were for drugs offenses. You will need a very good immigration lawyer familiar with deportation and criminal law. It is not a DIY thing.
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      Sorry, out of luck. And no one believes you went on a unique bender with drugs because of your father's death. It is clear you are a habitual user and dealer.


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        You're actually very fortunate that you haven't been placed in removal proceedings already. I.C.E. is increasingly coordinating with state judicial systems to identify aliens (whether legal or illegal) who are convicted of crimes...and processing them for removal.

        My advice to you would be to begin preparing for your return to the Netherlands; it's better to do so with some planning. Your chances of remaining in America appear to be somewhere between impossible and impossible.


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          Hi Vettinet,

          I'm not normally a naysayer, but 3 felonies is not good and I'm afraid your immigration status is probably in jeopardy. It's good you've turned your life around, but USCIS doesn't really care about the circumstances surrounding felony convictions. I just want to wish you good luck.


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            you are wasting your time.. you can go to bio without any problem but No GC.
            Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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              What kind of loser would marry you? and procreate too.


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                You need to go to the nearest ICE office tell them you have 3 felony convictions and ask how to get your green card renewed they will give you all the advice you need


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                  The worst case would be ICE coming to pick you up and place you in detention. Best case is probably getting an NTA (Notice to Appear) in Immigration court. Alternatively they could be sneaky and give you an appointment at the USCIS office claiming some kind of irregularity that needs to be sorted out. There you would be arrested.

                  If you're looking to get out on your own, do it sooner rather than later I'd say. I doubt they'll wait too long now they know your conviction history.
                  "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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                      stupid fool, my advise for you is to get a freaking life and stop the way, you don't sound like an attorney, you sound like a big fat liar and a racist idiot. look like the dumb *** Arizona governor . First, idiot, am not an attorney but i learn a lot of immigration law while detained by those ****ers{ thank god i got release and eventually my green card back. first you dumb knuckle head, with 3 felonies, is grounds for deportation , but you also can't lie well. a single felony is enough to put you on removal proceedings. but that doesn't mean you are automatically deported. some felonies are automatic deportations such as murders, drug trafficking , rape, arson or any heinous crime. but other felonies such as theft, white collar crimes or even possession of certain drugs can be waived and have an immigration stop lying idiot

                      for the person concern about the green card with felonies. you don't have to be worried of your past, unless your felonies were for murder, rape or any heinous crime.

                      But let me warn you, because you had felonies in the past and want to renew your green card, i suggest you to consult a criminal attorney so he or she can filed you a pardon to your state governor or if the crime was federal to the US general attorney to grant you a pardon.
                      I suggest you to that way ahead before you renew your green card. if your pardon is granted and the time to renew is about to due, you won;t have to worry with immigration because your past felonies were excused officially, that means that your civil rights are back.