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Anyone had naturalization interview in Seattle?

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  • Anyone had naturalization interview in Seattle?

    Has anyone been interviewed for citizenship in Seattle? I've heard that you get to take an oath the same day, is it true?
    Do you have to have a passport with you, and will INS take it away?
    What if the passport has expired? Will that be a problem?
    Any response is appreciated.

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    Unless there are issues with your N-400 application such as that you're in fact ineligable to naturalize and eligable for removal, the passport would be confiscated in order to secure a travel document for your removal...

    Assuming that this is not the case for you, you should be ok if your foreign passport is running out. It's good if you have it with you, but they won't rip off your head for not having it with you. And no, in any other case, the U.S. government will not confiscate a foreign government's passport!