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Shocking (must see) Lennon Immigration "Video"

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  • Shocking (must see) Lennon Immigration "Video"

    Yesterday I posted a thread about John Lennon's immigration case. Today I came across a video that's so telling, that I feel it's deserves it's own thread. For all who has an interest in US immigration, this video is a must watch!!!

    Shocking Lennon Immigration Video

    Shocking Lennon Immigration Video II

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    He was an attempted casualty of "Tricky Di-ckies" unofficial policies all because they thought he would be a danger to him politically in some way.

    An interesting parallel case was when the USCIS refused Cat Stevens entry to visit in 2004 just before the election on "National Security" grounds despite having allowed entry previously without any problems.
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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      Brit, USCIS does not refuse aliens entry. CBP refuses aliens entry. ICE and FBI put them on the no fly list.


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        Headhunting cop? Yeah, right, just another drug addled hippie. Get a frakking haircut motherfakker. Criminals always blame it on the cop.


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          Criminals always blame it on the cop.
          In this case the cop was also a convicted criminal. Like everything else in life, who knows what really happened? In the end Lennon won, and died because of it.

          PS, I believe his hair was short the day he died.