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  • August 24 - Compliance Questions For EB5 Issuers

    Comment: Compliance Questions For EB5 Issuers

    Compliance Questions For EB5 Issuers

    Those who represent the investor side in I-526 petitions often prepare questions/questionnaires for EB5 issuers to answer. Since SEC matters are likely the hottest topic in EB5 over the next many years, questions about securities compliance are an important part of questionnaires presented to EB5 issuers. We provide below language that may be helpful to those preparing such questions/questionnaires.

    Is your company (including any affiliates and/or other companies in which some or all of the principals and/or officers of your company have and/or had an interest) a recipient of the following and/or named in the following:

    1. A SEC inquiry – Yes/No
    2. A SEC subpoena – Yes/No
    3. A SEC investigation – Yes/No
    4. A WELS notice – Yes/No

    If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please furnish information explaining what happened and also explain whether the incident in question affects your current offering.

    An alternate way of posing this matter is:

    Please provide any other additional information you feel is relevant to or related to your proposal, including, but not limited to, subpoenas received from and/or knowledge of past, present or anticipated investigations conducted by (but not limited to) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at editor@ilw.com.

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    Focus: India Expo
    September 11, 2017 - Mumbai, India
    September 13, 2017 - Ahmedabad, India
    September 15, 2017 - Delhi, India

    ILW offers limited EB-5 exhibition opportunities at the Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Delhi Expos

    Info on India:

    • India saw 43,000 millionaires leave in ten years ending in 2013 - second only to China, and the gap between India and China has been narrowing since then.
    • India was #3 EB5 market in 2016, after China and Vietnam, India will likely overtake Vietnam to #2 spot behind China in 2017.
    • India is fully English speaking country - no translation needed even for official documents.
    • Indian regulatory structures are more robust than China. India source of funds is easier to handle for USCIS as compared to China source of funds.
    • At ILW EB5 expos you will meet with direct investors, and/or with agents/intermediaries from the country and/or a combination of the above (all depending on local law)


    • All Day Expo featuring Exhibit Hall and frequent short seminars.(Speaking Opportunity included)
    • Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.

    EB-5 Issuers - $3,999 per city; Law Firms - $999 per city
    (Inquire about Discounts and also about Platinum Level)

    For more information, please call (212)545-0818 or email webmaster@ilw.com or click here.

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    Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
    Miami, FL - Visa Franchise (www.visafranchise.com) is recruiting a full-time Client Services Manager at our headquarters in Miami, FL. The position entails acting as the main point of contact for Visa Franchise clients as well as business partners. The focus is on servicing clients through in-person, phone, and video conferencing meetings. Additionally, the Client Services Manager will be tasked with contacting and interacting with potential franchise partners as they are added to the Visa Franchise platform. As the company is still growing rapidly, the Client Services Manager will also assist with other aspects of the business such as event marketing, prospect outreach, and franchise analysis. Requirements: Bachelor's Degree, Fluent in English and second language required (Spanish, Portuguese, and/or French), Strong ability to work with and communicate with others including clients, prospects, and franchise partners, Ability to work in a fast-paced, flexible environment, and be able to work effectively autonomously when required, Ability for writing, facilitating, and presenting analyses, High level of intellectual curiosity about new industries and businesses and be must generate concrete results through that curiosity, 0-5 years of job experience, preferably in a client-facing role. If interested, send email to inquiries@visafranchise.com

    Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    New York, NY - Immigration lawyer (Midtown, Manhattan) - Boutique business immigration firm seeks Associate with 3+ years of experience & a demonstrated passion for the field. Must have extensive experience handling PERMs, full range of NIV (esp. H & L) and IV petitions. The successful candidate will demonstrate strong initiative, ability to handle a high volume and diverse case load, top-tier English writing and communication skills, and excellent organizational skills. Compensation package commensurate with experience and skills. Outstanding environment, team oriented. Please email cover letter, resume & 2 relevant writing samples to: mneedleman@levittandneedleman.com

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    ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
    U.S. Immigration Made Easy by Ilona Bray J.D. - NOLO; 18 edition; 688 pages ISBN: 978-1413323672, $30.44

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