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  • Article: 61 Million Immigrants and Their Young Children Now Live in the United States. By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler

    61 Million Immigrants and Their Young Children Now Live in the United States


    If you are having difficulty viewing this document please click here.

    This post originally appeared on the Center for Immigration Studies. Reprinted with permission

    About The Author

    Karen Zeigler serves as Demographer for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, DC-based immigration think tank. The Center produces credible, timely research on key immigration issues, examines the impact of immigration in American society, and educates policymakers and opinion leaders.

    Steven Camarota Dr. Steven A. Camarota serves as the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington, DC-based research institute that examines the consequences of legal and illegal immigration on the United States. The Center promotes an informed debate on comprehensive immigration reform by providing policymakers, academics, media, and citizens with fact-based information on immigration.

    The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.

    Comments 1 Comment
    1. Andreas Krupp's Avatar
      Andreas Krupp -
      Wondering if the author of that report understands that the still-predominant ethnic group in the United States (European Americans and NOT "white people") is in absolute and irreversible decline.

      It is important to note that modern European Americans are in reality the miscegenation of many ethnic groups ranging from Northern Europe, the Urals, Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa; therefore, the color of their skin does not give these people a sense of uniqueness (there is no such thing that can be called "white race"). Moreover, about 70% of European Americans can trace their roots to the indigenous peoples of this continent and could fairly be called "White Mestizos" (most of them are very apprehensive -for not saying embarrassed- in accepting this reality).

      Consequently, America will need more than 100 million newcomers from all over the world in the next 2 decades to fill the gap that is being left by European Americans.
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