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  • News: CRS Legal Sidebar: Can States and Localities Bar the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees Within Their Jurisdictions?

    If you are having difficulty viewing this document please click here.

    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Retired INS's Avatar
      Retired INS -
      States cannot stop people from entering the state, but they can certainly decide to whom they dole out discretionary funding. When I came to California in 1984 I discovered that Fresno County had a large secondary migration of Hmong and Laotian refugees who first went to the Twin Cities. These same refugees stayed away from Merced County. The reason was simple. Fresno County never asked questions when people asked for welfare. Merced County asked questions and called the police if people lied. Merced County also called the Border Patrol if someone asking for welfare might be illegal. Such actions were not allowed of Fresno County social workers.
    1. Abarcher@gmail.com's Avatar
      Abarcher@gmail.com -
      The above article assumes that all persons who claim to be "refugees" (a defined term under both international and federal law) are in fact legally entitled to this designation. A UNHCR spokesman estimated that over 40% of the Syrians fleeing from their country were "economic migrants", not "refugees" fearing persecution "on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular group." These five criteria are identical in the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees and the 1980 federal refugee act. Although the above article may correctly analyze the limitations on the states' ability to bar bona fide refugees, what about economic migrants, criminals, ISIS supporters and other non-refugees?
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