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  • November 25 - Immigration News on Your Website

    Comment: Immigration News on Your Website
    Want to provide your web site with frequently updated material and make available the most recent immigration news for your visitors? You can display the latest ILW.COM daily immigration headlines on your web page--and they'll be automatically updated every time the stories change, with no action needed on your part! Dozens of law firms and other websites are already using Immigration Daily headlines to keep their homepage fresh and interesting. Headlines change each weekday. It is free and effortless to put Immigration Daily headlines on your website. To find out how, see here.

    Article: Form I-864, Affidavit of Support: What if the Petitioner Dies? By Gary Chodorow

    Article: The U.S. Government's Arguments in the Petition for Certiorari in Texas v. United States. By Kevin Johnson

    Article: Senators Grassley and Durbin Introduce the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2015. By Joseph J. Shepherd, Esq.

    Blogging: House Syrian Refugee Bill: Security or Anri-Muslim Xenophobia? By Roger Algase

    News: USCIS Draft Memo on Role and Use of Interpreters

    News: USCIS Seeks Comments on Proposed Changes to Form I-9

    News: DOS Provides FY2016 Annual Numerical Limits

    Focus: The EB-5 Book 2014-2015 Edition Shipping Now
    The 2014-2015 Edition of The EB-5 Book is shipping Now! The editors are Matt Gordon, Angelo A. Paparelli, and L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens. Articles by Laura Bronstein, Laura Danielson, Michael Dunn, Robert Gaffney, Adam D. Gale, Steve Ganis, Sherman E. Golden, Douglas Hauer, Jennifer Hermansky (Jen), Parisa Karaahmet, Mark Katzoff, Lily Li, Daniel B. Lundy, John Neill, Chun Yun ("Elizabeth") Peng, John Roth, Paul Ruby, Sarah A. Schroeder, Reid Thomas, Gregory White, and Ben Zou.

    The new edition includes two articles on Chinese retrogression and its consequences - the only EB-5 book with articles written on retrogression AFTER DoS's announcement of retrogression.

    The outline is as follows:

    I. Articles on EB-5

    • Introduction By: Matt Gordon
    • The Numerical Limits on EB-5 Visas for Natives of China, and the Likely Effects of a Quota Backlog on the EB-5 Industry by Daniel B. Lundy
    • EB-5 China Retrogression: Considerations for Investors and Regional Centers by Parisa K. Karaahmet and Sarah A. Schroeder
    • Practical Approaches to Lawful Source of Funds Issues by Robert P. Gaffney
    • Source of Funds: Understanding and Vetting Your Investor's Background by Ben Zou and Laura Danielson
    • I-526 Petitions Practice Pointers by Paul Ruby and Lily Li
    • How to Successfully Represent Chinese Investors in EB-5 Cases by Elizabeth Peng
    • I-829 Practice Pointer: Removing Your Investors' Conditions by Elizabeth Peng and Jennifer Hermansky
    • Use of Escrows in EB-5 by Reid Thomas
    • Attracting Investors: What Investors Want in an EB-5 Regional Center by John Roth
    • Relevance of US Securities Laws to the EB-5 Marketplace by Sherman Golden and Michael Dunn
    • FINRA Guidance on Applicability of the Suitability Rule to Broker-Dealers Marketing Private Placements by Douglas Hauer, Steve Ganis, and Adam Gale
    • Hot SEC Topics in EB-5 Financings by Gregory White, Mark Katzoff, and Angelo Paparelli
    • EB-5 Regional Center Job Creation Requirements by John Neill
    • Role of the Business Plan and Plan Writer by Angelo A. Paparelli and L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens
    • I-924 Process, Tips, and Best Practice by Angelo A. Paparelli and Brandon Meyer
    • Choosing the Corporate Structure, Management Issues, and PPM Due Diligence by Louann Bronstein
    • The EB-5 Attorney as Financial Adviser: A Practical Guide by John Roth
    • Learning from the History of Risk and Fraud in the EB-5 Regional Center Context by Robert Loughran

    II. Resource Material

    • Section 1: Cases
    • Section 2: Forms
    • Section 3: Memoranda

    III. CD-ROM Resource Materials

    • Statutes
    • Regulations
    • Federal Court Cases
    • BIA Cases
    • Forms
    • Memoranda
    • Weblinks
    • Miscellaneous

    Order your copy today: Online or by Fax.

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    Letters of the Week: Skornia

    ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
    December 1, 2015, 10am (Eastern). Migration Policy Institute (MPI) will hold a webinar on "Investor Visa Programs: Examining their Utility, Challenges, and Successes." Migration Policy Institute President Emeritus Demetrios Papademetriou and MPI's Kate Hooper will examine the motivations underpinning recent changes to investor visa programs in North America, Europe, and elsewhere, and the implications for the future direction of these programs. For more information and registration see here.

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