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  • Article: USCIS RFE/DOL AUDIT PROCESS CHART. By Dino Palangic et. al.



    While certainly unwanted, the USCIS Requests for Evidence and the US DOL Audits do happen, and they come in many forms and with varying level of complexity.

    Faveo Paralegals believe that to effectively respond to an RFE or AUDIT multi-stage detailed analysis process is useful.

    Typically, the analysis and USCIS RFE / DOL Audit Response Process would include:

    1. Analysis of the initial filing while at the same time reviewing the USCIS RFE (or DOL Audit) to see if the issues raised by the government are valid/correctly raised, and also to determine the scope/depth of the each USCIS RFE/DOL Audit issue;

    2. Drafting suggested response/plan of action to each issue raised by the USCIS or DOL and confirming the plan with the attorney;

    3. Conducting legal research for pertinent INA/CFR/DOL regulations and case law which may be applicable/useful in preparing the RFE Response;

    4. Drafting of USCIS RFE Response or DOL Audit Response, organizing the supporting documentation, and once again thoroughly reviewing with the attorney responses to each RFE/DOL Audit issue, in order to ensure that they were comprehensively and satisfactorily addressed.

    While the above-referenced general steps are applicable to wide range of RFEs and Audits, their exact content and substance will, of course, be directly dependent on circumstances of a particular USCIS RFE/DOL Audit case.

    If you are having difficulty viewing this document please click here.

    Reprinted with permission.

    About The Author

    Dino Palangic is the founder of Faveo Paralegals which provides per-case, flat-fee immigration paralegal services to law firms and in-house legal departments of corporations across the United States. They are U.S. based and available via email, phone, or Skype. Their staff previously worked for top U.S. national law firms and in-house departments of major Fortune 500 Corporations. Their paralegals adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards set for paralegals by the American Bar Association.

    The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ILW.COM.

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