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  • News: DOS Notice on Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program Appointments Being Rescheduled

    All Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) Program appointments will be rescheduled by the National Visa Center (NVC) after February 1, 2015

    February 10, 2015

    All Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) interviews currently scheduled on or after February 1, 2015 will have new interview appointments scheduled by the National Visa Center (NVC). This includes all applicants who have previously scheduled appointments on or after February 1, 2015 through U.S. Interests Section Havana’s call center.

    We are making this change to increase efficiency of CFRP case processing, to better manage appointment wait times, and to alleviate the need for applicants to spend money contacting and scheduling appointments through the former call center.

    All applicants with appointments scheduled for February 1, 2015 or later will receive an interview appointment notice from NVC up to 60 days before their scheduled interview. Unfortunately, until an appointment is scheduled NVC will be unable to provide an estimate regarding when a specific interview appointment will be scheduled.

    For those with previously scheduled interviews: While many of the new NVC-scheduled interviews will be on or around currently scheduled interviews times, some applicants may receive an earlier date due to the increased efficiency of the new system.

    Applicants do not need to take any action at this time. Please continue to update email and mailing addresses with NVC if they change. If you have any questions please review our FAQs or contact NVC via their Public Inquiry Form.

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      i need my status
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