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  • News: USCIS Announces Workload Transfer from the VSC to the CSC

    Workload Transfer from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center

    Release Date: December 23, 2013

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently began transferring some extension of stay casework from the Vermont Service Center to the California Service Center to balance workloads. The affected casework includes the following form:

    How You Will Be Affected

    If we transferred your case, we will send you a notice listing the transfer date and where your case will be processed. Your original receipt number will not change and the transfer will not delay the processing of your case. If you receive a notice that we transferred your extension petition, please allow 21 days from the date of the transfer notice for the California Service Center to issue a decision or other notice of action.

    How to Track the Status of Your Case

    You can check the status at www.uscis.gov by entering your receipt number in the Check Status field. You can also sign up to receive automatic case status updates by email.

    You can ask us about the status of your case if you do not receive a decision within the published processing time. You may submit an inquiry using e-Request or call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283. For TDD hearing-impaired assistance, please call 1-800-767-1833. When asking about your case status, tell us your original receipt number and also say that your case was transferred to a new location.

    If you have filed a Form I-129 and we send you any communication, including a request for evidence, please read the notice carefully. Make sure you respond to the same service center that sent you the notice.

    If you move while your case is pending, you can change your address on the USCIS website or call the NCSC. It is important that you notify us of any change of address as soon as possible after you move, so we can notify you of any action on your case.

    Last Reviewed/Updated: 12/23/2013

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