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  • Blogging: Biggest H-1B Users by Chris Musillo

    Bloggings on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration

    Chris Musillo


    by*Chris Musillo

    The US allows 65,000 new cap-subject H-1Bs in any fiscal year. *Added to that is another 20,000 H-1Bs for those who have graduated from US Master's degree programs.* There is no limit on cap-exempt H-1B employers.* Cap-exempt employers are nonprofit entities (or their affiliates) who are associated, owned or attached to a university.* Some research facilities are also exempt from the H-1B cap.*

    Computerworld*reports that 134,780 cap-subject H-1Bs were approved in fiscal year 2013 (the filing period for cap-subject FY2013 H-1Bs was April 1, 2012 June 12, 2012).* This is the greatest number of filings since FY2007. *Computerworld notes that all of the top H-1B users are all technology companies.* There are not any healthcare companies anywhere near the top of the list.* Will Congress carve out a visa path for these badly needed healthcare workers?*

    Read the Musillo Unkenholt Healthcare and Immigration Law Blog at*www.musillo.com*or*www.ilw.com. *You can also*visit us on*Facebook*and follow us on*Twitter.

    About The Author

    Christopher T. Musillo is a partner at MusilloUnkenholt Immigration Law. He is a graduate of Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania. When not zealously representing his clients, Chris enjoys outdoor sports, listening to music, traveling and reading.

    The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) alone and should not be imputed to ILW.COM.
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    1. Laf's Avatar
      Laf -
      Would moving to geared to income co-op be considered government help when in process of application of a green card?
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