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  • Feb 13 - How Long A Wait?

    Comment: How Long A Wait? -
    Visa Bulletin from the State Department and Border Wait Times from CBP are among the various government times you can find from our Processing Times page. Of course, you can also get the latest Priority Dates, and both Service Center and District Office Processing Times. We are pleased to announce that our Processing Times Page has be updated to include the USCIS National Processing Volumes and Trends. In addition to national trends for all forms, trends for the following forms are available: I-90, I-102, I-129 F, I-129, I-130 Imm Rel., I-130 Pref., I-131, I-140, I-360, I-485, I-526, I-539, I-600, I-751, I-765, I-817, I-821, I-824, I-829, I-914, I-918, N-400 Military, N-400 Non-Military, and N-600. Bookmark this useful page and have the information available at your fingertips!

    Blogging: Another GOP House Member Switches Course on Immigration by Greg Siskind

    Blogging: March 2013 Visa Bulletin by Chris Musillo

    Blogging: One Hell of a Monday by Jason Dzubow

    Blogging: ICE fines 10 San Diego-area Companies for Immigration Violations in 2012 by Bruce Buchanan

    Blogging: What Would Real Immigration Reform Look Like? by Roger Algase

    News: DOL Issues FAQs On H-2A Final Rule

    News: USCIS Publishes Revised Form N-470

    Focus: INA And CFRs Under Ten Bucks -
    ILW.COM is pleased to offer the latest, completely revised 2011-2012 editions of Patel's Immigration Law Library on Kindle. This collection includes the essential reference resource The WHOLE Act, The INA (Annotated) (http://www.ilw.com/books/thewholeact-ina.shtm), used by DHS officials, federal court libraries, and veteran immigration practitioners. Once you have used this best indexed version of the INA, you will wonder why you ever used any other! This collection also features the fully indexed 8 CFR (http://www.ilw.com/books/8cfrplus.shtm) and fully indexed 20/22/28 CFR (http://www.ilw.com/books/20-22-28cfrplus.shtm). You do not need to have a Kindle device to read these books - You can read them on your computer by downloading the free Kindle program from Amazon or on your smartphone by downloading the free Kindle App. These high-quality immigration law reference books are now available at the cheapest price on the market - $9.99 each. Buy them all today!

    Headline: Senate Panel Tackles Immigration Click Here
    Headline: Senate Judiciary committee hearing on immigration going on now. Tune in: Click Here
    Headline: U.S. Immigration Policy Is Killing Entrepreneurship. Here's What to Do About It Click Here
    Headline: Rubio Naive on immigration Click Here
    Headline: Meet the GOP's pro-immigration moneyman Click Here
    Headline: President Obama: "Now is the time for Americans to set aside partisan politics" Click Here
    Headline: Lawmakers, entrepreneurs push immigration proposals ahead of State of the Union Click Here
    Headline: "No one decides to leave their home, family,and everything they have ever known on a whim." Click Here

    Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
    Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY - Klasko Law is seeking immigration attorneys at all levels to work with investors to document eligibility for EB-5 immigration, advising on alternatives, and guiding investors through the US immigration process. Experience with EB-5 visas and managing a team of paralegals is a plus. The ideal candidate will have excellent credentials and good client relations skills, and will be interested in working on challenging cases in this growing area of immigration law. For additional information, please visit www.klaskolaw.com and www.eb5immigration.com. Email your resume to hrpa@klaskolaw.com for prompt and confidential consideration.

    Case Management for Immigration Automation: Digital office for comprehensive immigration case management
    INSZoom is the leading digital office for comprehensive immigration case management and compliance, trusted by the world’s top immigration law firms and corporations. Use INSZoom’s industry-defining technology to streamline and automate your immigration practice. Access 800+ immigration forms for the U.S. and the world, which are always updated within 24 hours of release. e-File all major USCIS forms. Give clients and consultants direct access to your system through online portals. Access group calendaring, alert tools, CRM, email management, billing and invoicing, and much more. Every service integrates within one solution to boost your productivity and help you grow your practice. For more details , contact us at (925) 244-0600 or Sales@INSZoom.com. To learn more, click here.

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    Letters of the Week: Christine Braen Futia, Christopher A. Teras, Jay McTyier, Alan Lee, JE Murray, Nolan Rappaport

    ComingsNGoings: New Attorneys
    Los Angeles-based law firm, Ideal Legal Group, Inc., is proud to announce the addition of Michael Yuen and James Howard as associates. Mr. Yuen has extensive experience in civil and business litigation. Mr. Howard has expertise in a wide range of litigation matters and is well-versed in international law. Ideal Legal Group, Inc. specializes in immigration, workers’ compensation, family law, and labor and employment matters.

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