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  • Blogging: 11-Year-Old Trying To Say Goodbye To His Father Before He Was Taken For Deportation Pushed To The Ground by ICE Agents by Matthew Kolken

    Bloggings on Deportation and Removal

    by Matthew Kolken

    Comments 2 Comments
    1. Gamgamcova's Avatar
      Gamgamcova -
      Thank you Mr Kolken for bringing this story to those out there still believing ICE are the good guys!
    1. gpenny59@yahoo.com's Avatar
      gpenny59@yahoo.com -
      I am signing this unbehalf of Edi because on August of 2012 the same thing happened in my very eyes, mine is a little different my family member is a legal Alien of the U.S , but had a problem in 2003 where in he did his 90 days and his probation, he works and pay his taxes and never gotten his self in any other trouble but he is being held in detention with an uncertain out look. So mEdi I know what you are going through . this is my support. God's mercy goes to you.
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